Friday, 26 July 2013

Little slippers

I made another pair of these little slippers which I made here.
They are so cute. The little one is only 18 months and she was naked but for the slippers because she would not take them off even in the afternoon sunshine.
Jo x


  1. Jo aren't they just adorable, just so cute and obviously comfy as she wouldn't take them off. Jo you are so talented, I just adore your blog as it is always interesting, thank you
    Lots of love

  2. They are very sweet Jo - I love the contrasting pink button and little flower!
    Joy x

  3. Now you will have to keep making them bigger and bigger!!

  4. So glad she is a satisfied customer, Jo :) I have yet to make any little Mary Jane's, but it is another pattern on my want to do list.
    Thanks for posting!
    Gracie xx