Friday, 19 July 2013

Magazine peekaboo

A friend of mine bought this FABULOUS magazine. It is Finish but you can get an English version and the philosophy of the publication is to make clothes for real people for everyday.

You get 20 patterns in each issue and you can check out the  schematic drawings before you decide which back issue to buy. I accidently bought two. A ladies one and one for children.
When I saw this,I thought if I could have a dream wardrobe this would be it. I do feel that life, however, is too short to make my own knickers! Here is a little peekaboo at the photos showing the designs.
Love the wrap over dress and sleeves on the T-shirt (well, I hate washing up anyway!)
I love this tunic and flouncy scarf. The long cardy seems a bit old for me though.
I am having some sort of love affair with this pinafore.

I am imagining cocktails in this evening top
Now, I have got you all excited haven't I? and you are wondering whether to go and check it out on the internet. Well Whooaa! there. The patterns need to be traced from these four sheets...
Cripes. I started with the flouncy scarf as it was one piece and I  'exposed'(Big sis says this as a morphed version of expect and suppose) it would be easy. It was mighty tricky but I rose to the challenge and then traced off the tunic the scarf was worn with. It got better as I got my eye in but it is not for the faint hearted. On the plus side,I have done it now and have that pattern all neatly folded in a big brown envelope.
My eyes have gone a bit funny now so I am off for a glass of wine, more on this tomorrow. Jo x


  1. goodness me, I wouldn't know where to start with that it looks very scary!

  2. Wow. That pattern page is nuts! You definitely deserve a glass of vino after tackling that - though to me it's what my vision is like after a few glasses of tipple anyway! But the clothes themselves are great! Can't wait to see what fabric you chose... Chrissie x

  3. Well, I am stifling a laugh here Jo - here was I, really hooked, then you showed the pattern! I've come across these so many times - some simple, some not so simple - and in fact, as Chrissie says , this one is 'NUTS'! Then I read about the glass of wine and thought - that's not going to help you Jo, but you might as well now! I do hope you enjoyed it?!!!
    I am very impressed with those clothes though, Jo, and look forward to seeing your makings!
    A great weekend to you!
    Joy x

  4. That looks like a wonderful magazine. I would enjoy looking through it too, but I agree with the others, it looks a little complicated. I look forward to seeing what you make!

  5. I know that we have to save resources but blimey, how complicated. Having said that it may be preferable to printing patterns on your computer and all that jigsawing and sticking together.
    S xx

  6. Jo I had to have a lay down after seeing the pattern sheet - incredible! Well done you for tracing the patterns off, I am impressed to say the least. Loved the magazine though, the clothes are just lovely, really classy, do you have to order it? A great post as always Jo, have a great weekend
    Lots of love

  7. That pattern looks very complicated! Much too tricky for me but I'm sure you will succeed with it and I look forward to seeing what you make...
    Marianne x

  8. Hi Marianne, I always call you ladybird. Once you have the pieces it is pretty run of the mill stuff - just the b***dy tracing!

  9. Brave woman, Jo! My mom made most of the clothing for our family, so I appreciate the challenges of sewing although I did not absorb mom's gift for making sense of following patterns/directions. Bravo, for your efforts! I hope you will find joy in the process in spite of the troubles you have along the way :)
    Gracie xx