Saturday, 27 July 2013

Playhouse Makeover

Yesterday we had a playhouse makeover inspired by Tales from a happy house.

It involved some painting without clothes on - it seemed the best way to stop paint getting on their clothes and me nagging them to be careful.
They hoovered the carpet and picked up all the outdoor toys that were spread around the garden.

I stapled some spotty fabric to the ceiling (I made an apron out of it last week) added her party bunting and gave the table a wipe.

They played cafes and did colouring for about two hours and Little M pretended she had moved house. All prepared now for the summer holidays. We filled up the pockets with pencils, farm animals and notebooks for the holidays. We made the wall pocket a while ago here Do go over and look at Tales from a happy home's playhouse. It has had an outdoor paint job too and is completely delightful.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Jo xx


  1. What a gorgeous place for some gorgeous girls, they did such a good job, wonder who they take after?????
    Jo wanted to say a huge thank you for your support to J and to me. I was really touched by your comments to Daisy, it was so kind and thoughtful of you and I won't ever forget this. There are times when I feel saddened about the world and what is happening but starting to read blogs and writing my own has really shown just how many talented and kind people there are around, people like you.
    Jo when you are running a stall please let us all know as I would try my best to come and see you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, bless you.
    Lots of love

    1. No problem Dorothy. I knew you would be over the moon with a giveaway win.Blog wise if we both couldn't find you blog have a go as Daisy suggested and put the connect bar on the side of your blog. Too many people are missing your story! Jo x

  2. Hi Jo sorry to be a pain but not sure what to do with the connect bar - will I find it in the set up page? Complete starter with all of this I am afraid! Have a great Sunday, hope to catch up with you one day Jo, would be lovely to meet you.
    Lots of love

  3. So glad they are enjoying their house re-decorating :) Very clever!
    Gracie xx

  4. It looks great Jo :-) and well I like your idea for painting!!! :-P Our wendyhouse if full of bikes and other things for outdoor play. I'd love to see my girls playing inside it. Project for another day :-)
    Have loved all your recent posts - the crochet blanket especially is gorgeous.
    Hope you're enjoying the hols.
    Louise x

  5. Almost makes me wish my kids were small enough for a playhouse..............on the other hand maybe not!

    Looks great well done.

  6. How wonderful is this! Two very fortunate little girls - what fun for them and you! So, a place for everything and everything in its place - and what a place!!! I LOVE it!
    Joy xo

  7. I love it! What a great idea to drape fabric over the roof, it looks extra cosy and welcoming. And the large fabric hanging pockets will be so handy for little toys and treasures. It's gorgeous. And you made me laugh with the photo of your girls as my two wore their swim suits when they "helped" me with the painting - after about two minutes they got bored and went back to the paddling pool. x