Sunday, 7 July 2013

Garden delight

We are all blogging about the fantastic weather here in the UK, it really does lift the spirits. It means that some crafts are out of bounds because they are inside projects but crochet is so portable so I will be finishing my last 8 hexagons this weekend at the trailer tent.

I am thrilled to post that as I ate my breakfast today, I looked out of the French doors and thought that the garden looked exactly like I wanted it to. We had an extension to the house in 2011 and it was a complete trodden down building site so I revelled in the fact that this year it has done it's own thing brilliantly.

At the beginning of spring it was all dark red and burgundy and now without any effort or money it has all turned pink and purple all by itself. Magic. (The obligatory rogue football there you may have noticed!)

Enjoy your garden and the lovely sunshine. I'm off to fill the paddling pool for two excited girls in bikinis before we head off to the farm for the night later this afternoon.
Jo x


  1. Hi Jo. The garden is lovely. SO happy that your weather took a turn for the better!

  2. We are so lucky to get some more good weather Jo! I had to laugh at the football in your shot, I have so many of those, seriously! I love how your garden looks, such a pretty combination of colours. Our garden is just recovering from an extension too, the builders were a bit careless where they dumped all of their stuff,(and stood) but I suppose it was all worth it. Have a great time today, your girls will enjoy their paddling pool. x

  3. Jo your garden is so pretty, the flowers are beautiful, I am trying to finish a beach bag today but like you want to get some crochet done too outside. Enjoy your day, lovely post as always, thank you.
    Lots of love

  4. Congratulations on the garden, it is indeed quite an accomplishment to be able to enjoy it without thinking about having to change this or that...and hey, while I'm at it let me say an early 'congrats' for finishing your crochet, too! Chrissie x

  5. Beautiful weather, definitely paddling pool weather. Your garden's looking fab, have a great weekend :) xx

  6. Your garden looks fantastic! I'm so glad you're getting nice weather over there now. Enjoy!

  7. Goodness, that's lovely! Your hexagons are such wonderful colors, and I can't wait to see the finished result. :)

  8. What a lovely garden you have. I wish I thought the same when I looked out of my window! x

  9. Your garden is looking lovely Jo - most pleasing results after recovery and good planning and lots of hard work!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your finished hexes - mine are still on the go but the knitting needles are working overtime too!
    I'm so pleased that your weather has settled over there - we are freezing cold here these past few days and nights!
    Have a great time 'camping'!
    Joy xo

  10. Your garden is indeed lovely! This weather has been so fantastic.
    M x

  11. Loving your garden, it looks wonderful! xo