Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hooray! Winter pinafore

Well done, you see, you can see the pattern pieces. My very good friend saw my tunic the other week and then gave me quite a bit of fabric she had acquired from a house clearance. Some was thick jersey and two pieces were a wool blend plaid. Now I don't normally wash my fabric before making up but I did because a)I was not sure if the wool ones would shrink and b) Big sis said they smelt funny!

So you may (or may not) have worked out from the crazy pattern that I went for the plaid pinafore. It was exactly the right fabric for that pattern. I nearly got the check matched too but it is tricky when you are cutting on the bias and this is good enough for me.

I had a little play with the free hand on my machine and made these flowers for the embellishment. I wasn't sure if Big Sis would think cream and brown would be girly enough so I went all out on the d├ęcor. I think these are great and have so many uses.

Another alteration I made was to use a placket and buttons instead of a zip, only because I didn't have a zip at home and when I am doing something I just have to use my energy to get going not worry about the small stuff.

She loves it and it is fully lined too. I made it a few sizes bigger for when she enters the trashy world of 7-11yr clothes. (My, aren't girls clothes mostly awful!)I am now on the look out for brown leggings and a long sleeved T-shirt.
Hope you likey Jo xxx


  1. Cracking job - well done. I love the flowers.

    Yes, that age group of clothes are bad for girls.

  2. Well now I'd certainly wear that (although I would have to shrink a fair bit!) Well done x Jane

  3. Looks good :-) and I think the buttons are a better idea than a zip.
    As soon as I get my fabric home I bung it straight in the washing machine and then depending on the fabric type it either goes in the dryer or on the line/airer. You've obvously been really fortunate so far and not had any shrinkage problems :-)
    Louise x

    1. It was your comment on the Cloth kits that made me do it. I am glad I washed it. See I am getting better all the time! Jo x

  4. Goodness, it's adorable! I love it and I am sure she will look very sweet in it.

  5. This is beautiful, I love it Jo! I really like the fabric, very classy. :)

  6. Jo I love it, how clever you are. I would have been terrified of the pattern on the fabric and not getting things to match, you have done a perfect job and she will look adorable in it,beat a clever Mum. Jo I have to tel you that Much Wenlock or the surrounding areas are where I want to live. Unfortunately my lovely husband doesn't want to move, I have waited16 years now but he won't budge, I get into Shropshire as much as I can as I love it. I would have loved to have taken you and the girls for ice cream and coffee (for us!). I will let you know When I come again and if you are free maybe we could meet, I would love that. I missed the lovely Hannapat on Sunday at the Treacle Fair too, a small world. I love your work Jo you have a flair. Please let's know when your next fair. Fab post as always, thank you Jo
    Lots of love

  7. Another fine finish, Jo! I especially like the added flowers and buttons...and I did not notice anything amiss in matching the plaid until you pointed it out. The overall look to me is perfect :)
    Gracie xx

  8. Love what you have done Jo, it is so gorgeous and yes so much lovelier than what you can find in the shops. I love your pretty flower you free machine hand on, it turned out really well. A true inspiration. xoxo

  9. It turned out really well Jo, and your decorative touch just finished it off beautifully!
    Joy xo

  10. Superb! I take back my previous comment about being the most complicated pattern as I guessed right :) Thanks for the tunic link too, I haven't managed to find the pattern yet but I will keep searching (in truth I haven't really searched in earnest yet)


  11. very cute! and that darling little elegant sweater-jacket--tres chic!