Sunday, 14 July 2013

Strawberry picking

Yesterday we went strawberry picking with my mum, my brother and his family. It was HOT.

We picked lots of juicy strawberries and ate a few in the field (oops!) Today we made Strawberry jam. I froze lots last year and the children would not eat them claiming them to be too soggy, which they were but I thought flavour would win out but it didn't.

So I thought that jam is the best way to savour the taste of summer for the winter months.

We used 2kg of fruit and made 9 jars.
On the make side, I have had a bit of a disaster. I have been trying to make this sublime cardigan for Big Sis and I am on my fourth go at the left front. Grrr! I am having a love hate relationship with it at the moment.

I started it, then mum borrowed the book to do a project for herself and I put it on the back burner with my commissions to make. 

She made this beautifully. I know, look at the back isn't it wonderful?
When I got the book back I had done the rib without the book and guessed but it was wrong. So, I did it again but this time I did the waist decreases on the wrong side, so I would have had two sides the same. I cast on a Third time and knit all the deep rib, did the increases right up to the armhole and thought I had better get the other side out to make sure I don't do the armhole shapings on the wrong side and BUM... I had used 4.5mm needles instead of 4mm and the tension did not match the rest of the cardigan.

I am on my fourth attempt patiently balancing the pattern on my knee and not taking anything to chance.

That is what happens when you leap from craft to craft, project to project - I won't learn my lesson, it's the way I do stuff. I have a half made 1967 shift dress, a small felt dressed rabbit and a border for a hexagon blanket on the go at the moment. Now concentrate Jo, armhole shapings next.

Happy sunshine Jo x


  1. Oh Jo how frustrating when something like that happens - I think you're being incredibly patient (a friend of mine recently threw a half finished cardigan on the fire because she got so mad with it - a bit extreme perhaps but I felt her pain!) I bet by this time tomorrow those armhole shapings will be done. Good luck x Jane

  2. I have done it! Yay! I must admit I did once bury a cross stitch in the garden which I did not start in the middle and then ran out of fabric to complete the symmetrical design. A burial rather than a cremation! Jo x

  3. You have way more patience than I! You will get extra accolades for finishing the cardi, well done for sticking with it! And when she grows out of it, you simply must make one of those artsy shadow boxes and frame the thing! ;-) Chrissie x PS Jam looks soooo yummy!

  4. Hi Jo, I agree with the comments made so far - it is difficult juggling from one craft to another but you do a fantastic job, always love the things you make. plus you are doing commissions, running a family and home - yikes - when do you sleep? Put it aside for a while and then return - I have done this with knitting masses of time and then wondered why I had made the mistakes I had - a bit of space from something always reaps rewards.
    Your jam just looks yummy, made some myself last year and have a tiny pot left so time to do more......enjoy the rest of the afternoon
    Lots of love

  5. Strawberry picking, perfect summer's day past time, and the jam looks very tasty too. Good luck with the cardigan :) xx

  6. Good choice on the strawberry jam. Our latest strawberries were a bit soggy too, but delicious. Is that your handwriting on the labels? It looks like a font. Very pretty.

    1. I have lots of types of handwriting and this one is my label-birthday card- scrapbook journaling handwriting. I have other types for other things. I know it's a bit weird isn't it!?

  7. Strawberry jam looks gorgeous! I like having lots of things on the go too and going from craft to craft, keeps things interesting!
    M x

  8. Your strawberry jam looks delicious Jo!
    I really understand and feel for you regarding the knitting but - once again - perseverance pays dividends - well done!
    Joy x

  9. I love your interests and energy, Jo! I am inspired by your enthusiasm and am cheering you on! Good for you persevering through mistakes. I make so many mistakes, but I love trying many creative processes and am so excited when a project comes out in a useable [though not perfect :)] state!
    Gracie xx