Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sewing with stretch

I have learnt a few things to day about sewing with a stretch fabric.

  1. Buy a ball point needle
  2. Make sure it is in your machine properly
  3. Don't be lazy and always have the same thread in the top and the bottom even if you can't be bothered to wind up another bobbin - do it and don't be so stupid!
  4. Sewing for Autumn/Winter in hot summer is actually good because you are not in a rush for this item and you can take your time
  5. Stretch fabric is easier to sew than I thought and the stitches sort of bury themselves into the fabric.
  6. It is good to have a try out before you start your dream garment as there is much to learn

I made a flouncy scarf today with the left over cuts of my tunic fabric before I actually sew the tunic. I have not sewn with thick jersey before so this was all new to me - but very enjoyable.

I am pleased with my results and just need to go and get this long sleeved black t-shirt off now, not really the weather for modelling my Autumn/Winter collection 2013!! Jo x


  1. Brilliant scarf, and so clever of you to give it a go while you learn what is unique to sewing stretchy material! Thanks for posting, Jo.
    Gracie xx

  2. Lovely scarf. Will be great in winter. Looking forward to seeing the tunic.
    S xx

  3. Your scarf looks great! Great that you learned some new things long the way too.
    M x

  4. That's lovely. I never think of sewing scarves. You will receive lots of compliments when you wear it.

  5. Your scarf looks great - I've been looking at stretch fabrics but not brave enough yet! I'll take note of your tips! Great idea to sew out of season! :-) x

  6. Jo that is just amazing, I love it, you are so talented, can't wait to see the tunic. Have a wonderful Sunday
    Lots of love

  7. Great, love it!! Thanks for sharing xoxo

  8. Lovely scarf Jo - you'll be looking forward to cool weather now? Or not! Still enjoying the heat?
    Good tips for sewing - and very wise to try out first!
    Joy x