Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Jewellery tutorial

I made stacks of these last year for a craft fair and I only have a few left so I thought I would write a tutorial and show you how to make them then sit in the garden and make a load more. It is perfect weather in the UK for a surf-dude bracelet.

These are ceramic Greek beads I had left over from a crochet/bead edging  on a scarf so I used them up but you could use buttons if you have lots in a jar - which I am suspecting you have! Do follow the link to the Beadsite it is great value and they have always been really good.

You need: 2 ply yarn or embroidery thread, 2.5 mm hook, 15 buttons or beads. Written in UK terms.
Firstly, thread 15 buttons or beads onto your yarn.
Row 1: Ch9 join into a circle with a SS to form a loop (this is the button hole that will close it at the end) Ch48
Now ch2. dc5 into the 2nd chain from the hook and join with a slip stich. (this makes a little pad to sew your closing button onto)
Row 2: Dc into every chain along the bracelet.
Row 3: *Ch3, miss 2ch, dc in the next ch* repeat to end to make lots of loops.

Row 4: This is the button row. *1dc into first chain loop slip up a button, SS, 1dc in the same loop, ch1* do this in every loop to the end.

Finishing: Sew a slightly larger button on the button pad. Weave in ends. Use the loop at the other end to close the bracelet round the larger button.

Did you enjoy it? What about a necklace to match?

Any questions do not hesitate to comment and I will try and help you out. What colours are you going to use? Will it work for a little fella? What button stash are you hoarding? Happy crochet! Jo x



  1. They're so pretty! I have always wondered how to work beads into crochet, it's not as difficult as I thought now that I've seen this. Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. It looks lovely for very little effort. Have a go! Jo x

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, and how did you know about my button hoard? I thought I may make some for my daughter and her friends, thanks again :) xx

    1. They are great for party bags too! Enjoy. Jo x

  3. Very cute project for summertime, I'll make some for my daughter - she has a big button collection! Chrissie x

  4. Jo theses are fab, I shall make them with my granddaughter when she comes to stay. A big thank you, have a great week
    Lots of love

  5. Oooh these are fab .. Might need to make one or three! Thanks very much for the tutorial x

  6. These are so pretty, perfect summer necklaces. Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us. x

  7. What a great idea. I might have the odd button or too somewhere in the house. Who am I kidding, I've got jars and tins of buttons. However I find it hard to let them go.
    Thank you for sharing the pattern.
    S xx

  8. Hello Jo - I know I left you a message on this one so I think I may have forgotten to click the publish button - nearly missed that a few times on different blogs. Hurry is no good!!!
    Anyway, I think this little bracelet is so sweet - as is the necklet, so well done to you for writing it all up so nicely so we can have a go too!
    Joy x
    Now I will click 'publish'!

  9. Thank you for the fab tutorial x

  10. What a fun summer project!

  11. This is great Jo - thanks for the great tutorial - always wondered how beads and buttons found their way into crochet!
    Ali x

  12. Thanks, Jo! This project is now on my want to do list!
    Gracie xx

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