Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hooray! Miss Molly Rabbit

I saw a little rabbit on Sweat pea family blog. I swooned for a bit then followed the link to the pattern which can be found here. It has brilliant instructions. You can buy a kit or use up stash to make it and just buy the pattern.
I had been given a load of crafting felt and gave it a go.

I have not attached the ears correctly so they are a bit floppy but I am going to make another one with the beige felt now that I know what to expect. There are little boots and the shawl to do as well but I just wanted to get started to see what it came up like. 
I think I will call her Molly. Thanks for the inspiration Sweetpea!
Jo x


  1. I love it, especially her floppy ears! Cx

  2. Hi Jo she is adorable I am so delighted that you made one - I am sure that Molly will have a play mate soon x

  3. Well, Miss Molly is gorgeous Jo - well done to you - and I think her ears are very cute too! I do hope her little friend will come along soon for you know rabbits don't like to be alone!!!
    Joy xo

  4. What a cutie Jo and how well made for your first go - well done, love the little frock too. Can't wait to see the next one - a little family of them would be so sweet. Great post as always, thank you so much
    Lots of love

  5. Jo, you have made a little treasure there my dear. Miss Molly is as cute as a button, well as a rabbit I meant to say. I like the fact that her ears aren't exactly right, it just gives more character. Well done she is a fine specimen of a critter! xoxo

  6. Such a cute bunny, her dress is so pretty ... you out-stand me with your productivity I wish I had the energy ~ Sarah x

  7. Ohhh she's adorable! Her little dress is so pretty :) xoxox

  8. Miss Molly Rabbit is very sweet indeed!
    M x

  9. Your Miss Mollie is sweet! I enjoyed making Miss Maggie Rabbit-Saylor from Alicia's pattern not long ago and want to make some sisters for her :) FUN!!!
    Gracie xx