Thursday, 11 July 2013

Voodoo mouse

I made up this little mouse from a pattern I bought from Planet Penny. I wanted to get my head around a mouse shape so that I could teach my crochet class how to dc2tog (double crochet two together) to enable them to create shaping.

He is really cute and fun to make. I just felt a bit bad when I used 'him' as a pin cushion. It seemed a bit painful. I made a smaller one which I sent in the post to my friend and then I wrote my own pattern making adaptations because the one I bought was not allowed to be used in my crochet class. He has some rice in the bottom to stop him toppling over. What are you making this week?

Jo x


  1. OOh he's cute Jo! Perfect for teaching a few techsqueaks by the look of it!
    Ali x

  2. I love him! I don't blame you for feeling badly about stabbing him with pins - poor little guy even has those 'x' eyes of cartoon victims... ;-) Chrissie x

  3. Aww, more of a porcupine than a mouse. He's sooooooo cute.
    S xx

  4. He's really sweet Jo - but look how he's squirming since you stuck him with pins - poor little man! Never mind, he'll get used to it. Love his flat ears!
    Joy x

  5. What a super little cutie Jo, I adore him. I am sure that he is quite happy keeping your pins safe and sound, he doesn't look unhappy does he - you are so talented Jo, I admire all of your work and so enjoy your blog.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lots of love

  6. Perfect project for dc2tog! Cute too. :-D

  7. Eeeeeeek! But what a mighty practical mouse he is :)
    Gracie xx