Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Magazine Peekaboo Two

I have made two successful adult items from Ottobre magazine, a scarf and the tunic. So now it is time to show you a little peek into the children's version.

My girls are a bit past the baby items but when I measured Big Sis she was 118cm high and was still graded in their toddler section. All of the children's clothes go right up to 170cm high.

So what caught their eye...

Little M loved this... but then she is 3 and a half.

Big Sis loved this.

She also liked this but then again so did I.
I wonder how tall I am?...

I liked this dressing gown. It is nearly impossible to buy a children's terry towelling dressing gown these days, they are all fleece and it is awful when they are wet as it sticks to their skin. We have been lucky so far with hand me downs but soon fleece ones will be creeping into our second hand glad rag bags. I am going to buy two towels and make it from them.

OK so you know the score. I have to trace the pattern. Use your magic eye and see which one I did. I used a highlighter pen to give me a better chance. Which do you think I did first?

Will show you the results tomorrow, even though it is finished.xx



  1. Hi Jo, I can see you marked out the pinafore dress...I love the way it is bias cut...is it? ....well that's what it looks like in the photo. The dressing gown idea sounds great too.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished result.
    Jacquie x

  2. ooh can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Hi Jo I just love these designs, I wish my sewing skills were up to yours as I would love to make these for my granddaughters. Your girls will look divine in their outfits, what a clever Mum they have. Can't wait to see what you have made. Have a great day, thanks for all your lovely support.
    Lots of love

  4. Wow! what a minefield that pattern is.

  5. Those are some really cute patterns, and I love the ones you picked out! I've always been intrigued by and liked the look of Ottobre but you can't get it here.

    1. I had to pay pretty heavy postage to get it in the UK but it cost me £10 all together including postage for 20 patterns which I thought was OK. Shame because I think you would like it.

  6. You're so productive! I have yet to pluck up the courage to actually make clothes, those patterns look terrifying to me, but I'm sure you've already made something totally gorgeous. Very nice patterns. x

    1. I think there are some easy things to have a go at. I started with Cloth Kits because they held my hand a bit (but really expensive). Elasticated skirts are a favourite. Check out my sewing board on Pinterest for easy- peasy stuff.

  7. Eeek! That looks like the most complicated pattern in the world :o lovely choices though from all of them :)I'm guessing you've started with the tartan dress?

  8. I agree with Nicole :)
    Gracie xx

  9. Beautiful littlies clothing Jo - I'm looking forward to seeing more - all the best with those patterns, you deserve a medal!
    Joy x