Sunday 24 April 2022

Knit and Natter

 Hi there folks. Just popping in for a knit and natter. Today we had a glorious day at Wonderwool at the Welsh showground. There was sunshine, lambs of course and lots and lots of lovely wool.

I bought some wool - I knew I would. I had run down all the stash from the basket and was ready for a splurge.

I spotted a Debbie Bliss pattern book in a bargain box for £3. My mum and I both liked quite a few patterns in it so we are going to share it. We both loved the sweater on the cover.

I bought some yarn to make a tank top.

The choice of sock yarn was phenomenal. My choice was this flecked green in a range of beautiful greens. I am going to have a go at some sock patterns from 'Socktacular' which I found on the Welsh Air Ambulance charity stand. It is an interesting book - a sort of pick and mix of sock components where you choose a knit pattern, heel style and toe technique. Looks good.

My next purchase may be in my stash for some time. It was a soft and squishy little bundle of mini skeins which I will use for colourwork when the right pattern and matching yarn comes along. In the meantime it is welcome to sit in my basket and look at me every time I lift the lid.

Finally, I bought a huge skein of yarn for £5. I have ABOLSUTELY no idea what it is but it will be be fun winding it, making a gauge square and possibly making this graceful cardigan.

I have this sweater in my Ravelry library ready for when I have left overs from all of the projects above. It is a beauty.😊


Here are a few more snaps of my finished blanket which I managed to complete by doing a few rows every night.

As ever I used up some of the scraps to make a hat. It used up the ball ends of some colours but I still seam to have some left - probably enough for a baby blanket.

Leaving you with a photo of our little cade lamb. He has had a play out in the field today and loved chasing our dog more than the other lambs!

Thanks for popping in. Jo xxx

Sunday 17 April 2022

 It's been all daffodils and lambs here. Welcome to our family and our Apriling adventures.

Picking - the daffodils that blow over on the windy days and buying some favourites too.

Admiring - the wild primroses on the bank at the bottom of our field.

Caring - for our first lamb that came two weeks early. These two are back out in the field now.

Feeding - another one. He needed feeding every 2 hours at first and now every 4 hours. This one got left by mother while she took a long time to labour her second one. He was in the field all wet and unlicked as some wintery showers with cold winds blew in and it was getting dark.

Sniffing - his new playmate. Beano the dog is beyond himself with excitement.

Taking - the lamb out for some sunshine so that we can clean out the office, it stinks in there! His horns are already starting to poke through. Both Hebridean ewes and tups have horns which they get very soon.

Sewing - a shirt dress from Newlook6449. There is a denim version of this dress in the header bar but the buttons were so stiff that eventually they split the button holes. This new one fills its shoes perfectly.

Setting - up the incubator with six eggs to hatch. We did this 21 days ago and are waiting for new chicks. I fear the office will continue to smell in the next few weeks but of a different kind of poo.

Smelling - a a nicer smell. I love the daffodils that have a strong scent. These were particularly beautiful.

Looking - under the hedgerows for wild signs of Spring. Violets, cowslips, wood anemones and celandines.

Continuing - with my strip quilt. I wrote 'one hour strip quilting' on my sewing list this holiday and managed another whole row.

Crocheting - my chunky blanket. It was a one row a night wonder which is finished except for trimming the tassles.

Hunting - out the egg decorations for my twig in the window.

Walking - down to the ford for a shady woodland splash about with the dog.

Planning - some new sewing tutorials with these fabrics; striped jersey, swiss dot, linen and the last of my cotton voile.

Feeling - Very, very lucky with our lot.

Updating - you as I write, two chicks hatched so they are basking under the heat lamp while walking though their food and water!

Bring on Spring. Jo xxxx

Tuesday 12 April 2022

Spring Mornings and Afternoons

 The worst thing to do in the early warm spring days of the year is to stop in and make something to wear on a warm day! Oh, the irony of that choice. With this in mind, I have been sewing on colder mornings and gardening in the warmer afternoons.

This is the Fen Dress by Fancy Tiger Crafts. I made a winter version in brushed cotton with a round neck in January and now this summer one with a V neck. You can also make tops from the same pattern. The fabric is a lightweight cotton sateen. I thought I would choose a large print for a change which I really love.

Another successful make is this reversible Agave skirt by Deer and Doe. The one side is black linen for winter and the other is floral cotton poplin. It fastens with two buttons and has an asymmetrical wrap front. It is genius!

Then I had a go at some bag making this is a REAL handbag! It looks and feels so much like a real one. I had to use a leather needle in my machine and it sewed up like a dream. There are useful front pockets, inside slip pocket and a back zip pocket. It is the noodlehead traverse handbag made with faux leather - an absolute keeper.

I am of course true to my sewing roots and have used up some smaller fabric pieces to make a Linden sweatshirt using up leftovers. I have two of these now and I wear them regularly. I had a few handmade sweatshirts that shrunk a little after washing so these have gone to my big girl.

The view from my studio is unique and when the lunchtime hotspot lands right on the french doors it is time to stop sewing and head outside for some sunshine. 

Bloke has worked hard finishing off the steps outside which I am so happy about. I tripped up them in January which caused my bad arm which I am struggling with at the moment. The sun shines right in my eyes at the sewing table about 1:30pm so it makes me pack up and go outside for the afternoon.

It is refreshing to take the dog out, give my daughters some fresh air and enjoy the spring weather with them.

I have lambs to show you next.... exciting times.

PS. I have managed to get my blog admin all set up on my laptop so I can blog more regularly and catch up with you folks now. I only used to be able to load stuff on the main PC in the office but we have lambs in there and it stinks!