Wednesday 30 September 2015

From light to dark

We slept at the cabin last weekend for a night, it was so glorious on Saturday and the forecast was good for Sunday. We packed BBQ ingredients and set off in the sunshine. The children really enjoyed watching the night draw in, they very rarely see that happen at home. There was so much for them to experience going from light to dark.

The soft evening light 

It made our skin glow.

There was so much to see: migrating birds, bats, ducks flying down to the pond for the night, moths in all sizes, twinkling car lights in the distance, the stars coming out one by one and distant towns lighting up for the night.

We heard: tractors working late, pheasants, sheep, cows, the rustling of unknown creatures....

We snuggled under blankets with hot chocolate to see what would happen next.

The sun went behind the hill and that is when we noticed the full moon.

It was so bright, it cast long shadows of us all on the field even though there was no other light source. The children were amazed.

I made two more squares for my cabin blanket that has been on the go since April 2014.

I'm glad we all experienced light to dark together, I will always remember that.

Thanks for looking. Jo xx

Monday 28 September 2015

Man yarn 2015

Another one of my 2015 crafting new years resolutions is now finished.

This post has been on my schedule list for aaaages so today I have linked up with Lazy Daisy Jones to show you some more man action. This yarn arrived in January for my bloke knit, a 2015 new years resolution. Patons Wool blend in a stormy blue shade. I used 3 out of the 5 balls.

The pattern is from 1985 so you have to see past the styling. I mean lovely as the model is in the photo shoot, my bloke isn't exactly lying around in meadows chewing grass, he is a busy man. He would however be immensely jealous of that Morrisey hair. 

The actual pattern shape for the 'tank top' was pretty sound I thought. 

I cast on but one night while he was out I measured it up against his regular jumper and it was way too big. I frogged it on 22nd March. I cast on again in April but I was in no hurry. 

By May I had it back in my sights...

I cast the back off at the end of May and needed to cast on the front. I just had too many other knitting distractions at that time. Still knitting in August....

Then over the last two weeks I really went for it to get this one out of my knitting bag. I have fresh ideas popping into my head but I don't want too many WIP's at the moment with my work schedule picking up.

All finished

We hadn't got a pipe for one of those manly posing shots on vintage patterns so I caught him with an axe at the cabin.

He likes it, because I made it, and that makes me feel nice inside. What is he looking at? The many migrating birds we saw on Saturday night deciding this calm, sunny weekend was a good time to get out of here before it gets too cold. Good job Bloke has a new pullover.

Do pop over to Lazy Daisy Jones to see her man make this month.
Hope you had a calm and sunny weekend too.
Jo xxx

Friday 25 September 2015

Party time

Today I finally get to reveal my evening outfit. Not an evening dress but evening trousers in the form of a jumpsuit. 
Did anyone guess that?

I have been making it for ages but enjoyed wearing it last Saturday.

The neckline has a sort of roll with a front midriff waist which I liked the style of in my tartan summer dress here.

It was hard to make. Not because the pattern was difficult it was just I thought I had six weeks of summer holidays to do it in but with little ones at home I lacked concentration and made lots of mistakes. There was a great deal of unpicking along with fitting issues regarding my derriere.

The fabric is sponsored by Minerva Crafts along with the pattern Butterick B6130

The fabric is navy medium weight crepe and it is perfect for the drape of the trousers but thick enough not to have to line them.

It was so comfortable to wear, I danced all night in it without having to pull up straps or hitch up a bust. Going to the toilet was more of an afterthought so I had to keep making friends with strangers in the toilets to help me unzip the back. It was as impractical as dungarees are for children. However, the black tie event was in a farm field so it was good to wear something that required flatter shoes.

I don't go out much so I even cracked open my Carmen rollers from 1985! Anyone else still got some?

Bloke wore his bow tie and cumberband I made for him but by the time we got there it was too dark for any onsite photos which was a shame because the setting was beautiful. We had to make do with a selfie on the patio at home!

Thank you Minerva for some more beautiful fabric this month. 
Jo xxxx

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Fast but fashionable

Today, I share very few words. The project speaks for itself. 
I was given a skirt by my good friend Julie.

The length was a bit old on me. I am short. 
My skirts need to be short.

There were tie loops on the back but no tie. 
So I made one from the piece I cut off.

A fast fashionable skirt. 
In fact I did it while a veggie pie cooked in the oven.

Thanks for popping in to see me. 
I am all done with skirts for a while now. Jo x

Sunday 20 September 2015

Tall tartan tale

I don't know about you but I am not the sort of person who can shoe horn two 1970's full length tartan kilts into her winter wardrobe. Not even one with a matching waistcoat.


But I love the colours and the quality of the 100% wool. I merrily watched the last series of the Sewing Bee thinking I can do all that until Kilt week came around then I went week at the knees. All that pleat marking and accuracy would drive me crazy.

Much more satisfying, I believe, to give a new home and a fresh pair of legs to a donated kilt. 

They were given to me by my good friend Lucy while she was clearing out her nan's house after she had passed away. They took a lot of stuff to the charity shop but Lucy and her mum thought I could do them justice. I hope I have....

I love them and they will be a major part of my winter wardrobe for years to come. There are of course the huge pieces I cut off the bottom - what do you think I should make with those? 

Jo xxxx

Thursday 17 September 2015

All done #8

Helloooo! I made a hat in 30 minutes. I am not good with hats made from wool, they itch my forehead. I have a nice crochet one in cotton but it doesn't keep my ears warm - too holey!

So I used up the last of the fleece backed sweatshirt material from which I made Big Sis a hoodie from.

It is actually a children's hat pattern but seeing as I didn't have any heads to measure here today, I just cracked on with it and thought it will fit somebody in our house - Luckily it was me!

It is a slouchy style but it sits quite neatly at the back, comes down over my ears and makes me look a little bit like a pirate, but I happy with that.

Only slivers left so consequently they went in the bin. 

Hooray! I am all done with this sweatshirt fabric 
and ready for a windy walk.

Thanks for stopping by.
Jo xx

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Cabin calendar

Last weekend we hit the perfect blackberry picking day. It had been sunny and dry all week, a bit of rain the day before but then a perfect late summer day. Not too hot, not too cold, not too windy - you know, just perfect.

We roamed the fields at the farm picking, chatting, getting the inevitable scratches but it was really relaxing - and I am not very good at relaxing.

Simple dinner. I did the toast on the fire as it was quicker than the camping stove.

Spotting, looking, just being ourselves.

We picked over 3lb in the end so we put in some elderberries found along the way to make a gallon of wine when we got home.

The children drew pictures, didn't argue and ate fruit we found on the trees in the hedge.

I also squeezed in two more squares of my cabin-only blanket. I only make squares for it when I am there. I normally make one but sometimes two. 

The perfect end to a really perfect day. 
What are you trying to do before the seasons change?

Jo xxxx

Monday 14 September 2015

It's more than an apron

Today, a tale of two aprons. 

I made this apron from the Great British Sewing Bee Series one book. It is in preparation for my next run of sewing classes. The fabric is from a generous stash of happy post donated to me by Christina from A Colourful Life. 

I can afford a moment of larking about in the garden with the pegs this morning as it is my first Monday at home without the children or work since the beginning of the long holidays. My to-do list is bulging and my apron is ready for some action.

My first job has been to clean out the greenhouse which has sort of turned into a see-through shed of dumped rubbish covered in spiders webs which were all in my hair.

Then I am sashaying to the kitchen to make carrot soup and carrot cake because I accidentally clicked twice online for the one bag of carrots I wanted! ho hum...

Then I am going to do a bit of sewing with the added bonus of no interruptions. There are washing loads to put on too but I can sew in between.

My final apron story is a little sad. In July 2104 I made this apron for my friend. She is a home help carer and asked me to make an apron for one of her clients as she couldn't find a waist tie apron in the shops. I did so and blogged about it way back then. Sadly the wearer passed away last week but my friend told me that she had been buried in it as she loved the apron so much. Isn't that an incredible thing? I don't know the lady but I feel happy that something that seemed insignificant to me has given someone else so much joy.

Keep making stuff everyone because it is really important you know.

Jo xxxxxx