Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cabin calendar

Last weekend we hit the perfect blackberry picking day. It had been sunny and dry all week, a bit of rain the day before but then a perfect late summer day. Not too hot, not too cold, not too windy - you know, just perfect.

We roamed the fields at the farm picking, chatting, getting the inevitable scratches but it was really relaxing - and I am not very good at relaxing.

Simple dinner. I did the toast on the fire as it was quicker than the camping stove.

Spotting, looking, just being ourselves.

We picked over 3lb in the end so we put in some elderberries found along the way to make a gallon of wine when we got home.

The children drew pictures, didn't argue and ate fruit we found on the trees in the hedge.

I also squeezed in two more squares of my cabin-only blanket. I only make squares for it when I am there. I normally make one but sometimes two. 

The perfect end to a really perfect day. 
What are you trying to do before the seasons change?

Jo xxxx


  1. Sounds idyllic, a beautiful day. I am trying to get the shed painted to protect it from the elements but every time I plan to do it, it rains. Time will tell on that one.

  2. Sounds wonderful!!! You have to love beans on toast with cheese too! xx

  3. It does sound like a wonderful day, happy kids, crafting & cheesy beans x

  4. Sounds perfect! I am hoping to pick some blackberries this weekend. x

  5. That's such fun, we did blackberry picking the other week, and made a crumble . Enjoy your week!, I am trying to get pickles hat done before Autumnxx

  6. I love it when you share your cabin days with us :) Vicariously I enjoy your joy! I am working my way to the end of the first jar of blackberry jam my family made and gave to much better than store bought. My youngest daughter and I have been enjoying watching episodes of the Great British Bake Off on line. I love seeing your beans on toast meal, a meal I have read about in British novels, but not ever had here. I must try it!
    My next focus is finishing crocheting my autumn toned shawl I started years ago in hopes I can enjoy it in season ...this year!!!!! xx

    1. No beans on toast??? With your camping and travelling adventures it is the perfect quick meal! Nice to hear from you as always. Jo x

  7. I love blackberry picking (and eating) with the little people!sounds like you all had a perfect day!