Thursday, 17 September 2015

All done #8

Helloooo! I made a hat in 30 minutes. I am not good with hats made from wool, they itch my forehead. I have a nice crochet one in cotton but it doesn't keep my ears warm - too holey!

So I used up the last of the fleece backed sweatshirt material from which I made Big Sis a hoodie from.

It is actually a children's hat pattern but seeing as I didn't have any heads to measure here today, I just cracked on with it and thought it will fit somebody in our house - Luckily it was me!

It is a slouchy style but it sits quite neatly at the back, comes down over my ears and makes me look a little bit like a pirate, but I happy with that.

Only slivers left so consequently they went in the bin. 

Hooray! I am all done with this sweatshirt fabric 
and ready for a windy walk.

Thanks for stopping by.
Jo xx


  1. Looks good, not at all piratical, I would love it in red, would you share the pattern details please.

  2. I like very much and i like your jeans too!

  3. It's fabulous and I really like it. I also like the photos of you we see when you model something you've made - you always look like you're having a really good laugh. :-)

  4. The hat is cute, Jo! Isn't it amazing how warm fleece can be? I had an inexpensive fleece jacket that I truly wore out because I loved it's coziness and style. I hope you get lots of good wear from your hat! xx

  5. It looks great Jo and a brilliant way of using up the rest of the fabric.
    Jacquie x

  6. I am always so impressed by how quick you can whip something up, you are indeed a wizard. Lovely hat and an amazing sweater for the beautiful model in the last photo. Have a good weekend.

  7. Lovely hat and I do like your daughters top.