Tuesday, 9 July 2013


My mother in law phoned me yesterday to tell me I was on the radio... strange I thought as I was crocheting hexagons together while eating redcurrants and playing play dough with Little M all at the same time, I simply can't have been on the radio and been breathing as well.

It turned out there was a feature on local radio about what things people have found to be a real achievement in their lives (it was linked to Andy Murray winning the tennis) and one of my crochet ladies had phoned in to say that at the age of 62 she had learnt to crochet with me! Straight away I phoned the station to say Hi to her on the radio and get a quick plug in for more enthusiasts.
Yesterdays allotment gatherings
Isn't that wonderful. She was really under-confident when she first came as she had lost her husband and wanted to get out and meet people in the town. She greeted me on the first day with "Loads of people have tried to teach me since I was 5 and no one has managed it yet" What a challenge I thought at the time. In the second week she turned up with a nervous rash on her neck and said she couldn't do it and thought she was wasting my time. I kept going but more importantly so did she.

I saw her today at our last class before the summer break and it made my tummy feel all funny.

Thanks Rose. You are what makes teaching people really worth it.
Jo x


  1. Oh, that's so wonderful! Good for you, Jo. You're making a difference for these people.

  2. Beautiful results Jo, for huge efforts on both sides of the coin. Well done to both of you!
    Joy x

  3. Jo what a wonderful comment, well done! It is lovely to hear that you got recognition for the work you are doing. Teaching is such an honour especially when you can see the results in this lovely lady.
    Lots of love

  4. What a lovely post, Jo, thanks for sharing! You titled it perfectly, my heart feels all warm now and happy! Our crafty endeavours really are more than just hooks and yarn and fabric and stitches and whatnot, aren't they? Chrissie x

  5. It's truly wonderful to get that sort of feedback when you've helped someone. So nice for you :)

  6. How wonderful ... thanks for sharing ~ Sarah x

  7. congratulations - I am really pleased for you x

  8. That's wonderful Jo :-) It just goes to show that we all have the ability to make a difference to people's lives.

  9. How lovely! That must have really made your day.
    M x

  10. Kudos to you Jo. That must have felt so good. What a good lady!

  11. Bravo!!! I am 62 as well, and there is still so much more I want to learn and create; I'm so glad you were able to encourage each other :)
    Gracie xx