Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hooray! Two crochet cardigans

Hooray! the commission cardigans are complete. They have been for a fitting and returned to me for the border, sewing in ends and I have popped on one of my little labels.

They are now wrapped in pretty tissue paper in a gift bag ready for collection a week early. I am really pleased with them and so is my customer. I will try and get some pictures of the bridesmaids in them soon.
Happy XXXX Jo xx


  1. Congratulations! They look perfectly beautiful, well done! Chrissie x

  2. I agree, Jo, they are beautiful! And well done for beating the deadline too!
    Joy x

  3. Hey Jo! hellooo to you too.... and thanks for joining over at mine!
    I wish you lived nearer we could crochet together...those cardies are superb..waiting eagerly to see the pics....
    bestest to you and yours
    daisy j x

  4. Jo these are just adorable, well done. Love the colour, shape and design of them both. They will look so cute on the lucky wearers. I would love to have a go at a garment but my crochet skills are still at the granny square stage and I don't feel that competent there either as I can't read a crochet pattern for some reason. I am hoping to extend my skills this year if I can. Love your blog Jo, you amaze me with your energy.
    Lots of love

  5. Hi Jo, I am so glad I happened to stumble across your blog! I adore these cardigans. I don't crochet, but hoping to start soon - I do knit though (and do anything craft related)! My sister does the crochet in my family and really wants me to start, she knows I will love it. I feel weird only having one hook, instead of two needles. I hope you don't mind if I follow along, my blog is here if you wanted to stop by. :)

  6. Thanks all. It is a bit tricky to see them until they are on and it will be a surprise for me too as I only have confirmation that they fit - I haven't actually seen them on toe little girls so I am so excited. The wedding is in two weeks time.

  7. oh Jo, these are beautiful, you have done a fabulous job.

    I also love your labels - where did you get them?

    Nikki x

    1. They are cute. You can get different images on them at WOVEN LABELS UK

  8. Now those are very pretty! Well done you I say!

  9. These will definitely be a talking point at the wedding. I'd be surprised if you don't get more orders.

  10. They are gorgeous! Such a lovely vibrant colour too.
    M x

  11. Such beautiful cardis Jo - lovely colour and pretty pattern!
    Ali x