Monday, 8 July 2013

To half hexagon or not?

That is the question. I have finished the main hexagons.

However, I still have enough yarn left over to make fillers for the sides so that I can achieve a straight edge. This will involve half hexagons. Has anyone done this before, do they look silly and fiddly on the edges or does it finish it off?

I know that a border on a blanket really makes it and I can't see that a wobbly border around the edge is going to look right. I will keep joining them together while you ladies have a think about what I should do nextAll ideas welcome.

I don't think I have raved on to you all about this little bit of kit (or maybe I have anyway...)

It is a clover ergonomic hook and it is fabulous, the work just flies off and it was really useful when I was making the commission cardigans to keep up the pace. It was a little more expensive than a grey steel but SOOOOO worth it. It is my new best friend along with my new rotary cutter for fabric.
Stay cool Jo xx


  1. I have one of these hooks Jo, and love it - I expect like me you find it so much easier on the hand?
    Your hexes are looking beautiful and I hope someone comes up with a good finishing off idea. I have a long way to go yet so haven't seriously considered it, but will need to one of these days - or weeks, the rate I'm going!!
    Joy xx

  2. Love your hexagonal, I immediately thought of the hexagon blanket over at serendipity patch,I'm pretty sure she shoes a border around the hexagonal with no fillers and it is so pretty. Hope this helps! Love your blog, Sarah from Hooky work ( find me on Facebook)!

  3. Hi Jo can't help you on this I am afraid - I am just having a go at a hexagon bag but it is in the very early stages so hadn't thought about fillers or anything. However, I am a newie to crochet so would be the last person you should listen to! I have the same hook and won't use anything else now - they are just fab and well worth the extra pennies.
    Good luck with the hexagons, can't wait to see it.
    Lots of love

  4. Thank you for calling in
    Interestingly I am just about to post a little post about this very type of pattern - the person who made it had a hexie edge and I think that it looks lovely - just as yours does
    Best wishes

  5. Hi Jo,
    The hexagons look lovely. I have tried a hexagon cushion and i had to make the half hexagons to get a square edge. Boy they are meddlesome :( I would any day do w/o them. I do think i have a fair amount of patience to hook and weave in ends..but i really dint like the half hexagons to straighten out things...

    In-case you haven't already seen this from Lucy's blog :

    Think the edging looks great w/o straightening it..In the end, you take a call..Both would look awesome :)

  6. I have a few crochet hoots that range from torture instruments to sheer bliss. I have the same hook as you and always choose it before the others if I possibly can.

  7. I loooove my clover hook, you are so right about it being easy on the hand! As for the hexies, if you're like me, whichever you choose you'll wonder how the alternative would have looked - if you have the time, whip up a few half hexies and line one side, leave the other without, and have a good look. Which side do you like best? Chrissie x

  8. well I'd say either go for the half hexagons or try and find a way of doing the border so you end up with straight edges (ie filling in the gaps). not sure how that would look - think definitely half hexagons, but I'm a bit 'square' about liking straight edges.

    am thinking of starting a hexagon blanket, have some fab drops yarn which I think will make a great blanket.

  9. I love my clover hook... What about half hexes but all the same colour so you can clearly see the wibbly edge but the blanket is square?

  10. Not tried one of those hooks yet. I would make the half hexes myself, and same as Blackberry Crumble, to do them in the edging colour would save too many ends to weave in, and would look great.
    S xx

  11. Ooh all those hexies are looking AMAZING together. I wonder whether you can't just fill it in with a border, but I do think you might just have to go with your gut on this one. Yes, love my clover hook too, but if I am honest I much prefer my Tulip hooks. Goodluck with whatever decision you make xoxo