Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sewing apprentice

This girl can sew I can tell you. I only showed her once how to hold the needle and thread at the eye so that it didn't keep coming out like last time and she did a running stitch along the edge of the ribbon.
Big Sis showed her prowess by reading the instructions out loud on her own.
Such Fun!

Big sis managed her own button but I put the button on for little M because of the thickness of ribbon. They wore them today at Attingham Park and were really proud. We love the Ruby Loves magazine. Jo x


  1. They will always thank you for teaching them. Sewing skills are so important. It should be compulsory at school.

  2. I love sewing with my little girl, they are never too young! Xx

  3. Good for them. They will be so glad you taught them to sew.

  4. How wonderful is that Jo! They can never start too early!
    Joy x

  5. Fabulous - who do they take after I wonder Jo????? It is so lovely to see your photographs I have been trying to help my granddaughter but she is only just 5 so runs out of patience - I find the way around this is to make as much of the brooch I can and let her finish it. She also chooses the fabric and ribbon plus an other accessories that take her fancy. The brooches are just fab Jo and they should be congratulated. Loved your post as always
    Lots of love

  6. Fantastic photos - the next generation of crafters! We love Ruby Loves mag in our house, too - I wish I had a mag like that when I was a girl! Chrissie x

  7. Cute little ribbon medalions! It's terrific that you are passing on a love of sewing to the next generation :)

  8. My two little grand girls are just the right age to do this. I want to show them this post and the one where the girls are making bunnies. It will be interesting to see if they want to give sewing a try! Thanks for posting, Jo :)
    Gracie xx