Tuesday, 24 September 2013

You must get...

At the weekend I made plum jam - 4lb of it actually. I am urging all you thrifty jam makers out there to buy a jam funnel. They are brilliant. No sticky jars, jam all over the worktops etc. etc. You probably already have one but if you haven't this is the future of your jam making.

I found it is also pretty useful for getting big batches of soup into those screw top plastic containers as well as getting beads back into a jar (but that is a whole other story)
My top tip for jam making is to cover the worktop with clingfilm/foodwrap then put your jars on top and fill them. At the end, you just peel up the whole sticky mess and put it in the bin.

Happy preserving! Jo xx


  1. Fabulous Jo you always give something special. Thanks so much, have a wonderful day tomorrow
    Lots of love as always

  2. Just bought one of those after spending more time cleaning up the jars than filling them! Love the cling film tip x Jane

  3. These funnels are great aren't they, stops the burns as well! Well done on the preserving, the fruit crops have been huge this year. xx

  4. Oh yummy. I love plum jam and still miss the plum tree we used to have in our garden (which sadly died after being pruned too vigorously). I agree, a jam funnel is the best couple of quid I ever spent. And those tongs for handling hot jars, they're pretty useful too. x

  5. Lovely, Jo. I am sure your jam will be delicious.

  6. I love my jam funnel, my grandma gave me that wise bit of advice - and now I'll be able to give her the cling film tip - genius! Chrissie x

  7. Hello lovely Jo, you have been productive. It seems we are all plum jam making at the moment and for me a funnel is a must. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for the clingfilm tip, a genius idea!! xoxo