Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hooray! Autumn Pinafore

Here is my new Autumn pinafore. A fine smooth cord pinafore from a pattern in Ottobre magazine. The whole thing cost me £3.75 and I have taken my time working hour by hour

I am having a photo shoot with Little M who is 3. "I am nearly 4," she says quickly. Hang on let me get my work tag off...beaded lanyard from Emma Varnam blog in case you are wondering because crochet can solve most problems in my life.

The pockets are in the right place, I am just squeezed into the corner
of the kitchen trying to get further and further away from her close ups.
I really must teach her to change the ISO when the sun comes out!
Bit out of focus but hey ho.
I never thought I would wear black and blue together - it was one of my fashion no, no's. I don't have many but that WAS one. Not anymore, the tights are a great match and I wore it to a meeting at work on Monday morning, it was comfy, people said they liked it and as Chrissie commented 'pinafores can be chic'.
Then Big Sis said can you make me a pinafore and Little M said I want one too but I think we might look like The Waltons all dressed in the same fabric! Thanks for looking.x
Yesterdays 1000th comment came from Jennifer at Thistle bear USA. Congratulations and thank you all for taking the time to give me warm comments on many of my blog posts, they really do encourage me to make more things.  Email me your details and I will send you your thank you pressie.
Jo x


  1. Lovely pinafore dress Jo - you did a really lovely job on it and it suits you. Little almost-four-year-old-M did a great job with the camera - it's good to start the training at a young age!
    Well done to Jennifer and congrats on so many page views Jo - you're doing very well indeed!
    Joy xo

    1. OOOOOOPS - sorry Jo - I meant 'comments'!!!

  2. It is a nice pinafore, and I really like the pockets. They turned out terrific! and it looks so cosy and warm. Congratulations on reaching your milestone.. I have to say have no idea how many comments I have altogether! Perhaps I should go and check :)

  3. I love your pinafore. I have a few myself I'd love to be able to make one. Really pretty fabric. I like the black and blue together it's usually one of my rules too not to wear them together but I think I might be breaking it after seeing this :)

  4. Congratulations on your comments, I hadn't thought to look at that statistic, but you are doing well. I think your blog is about a month older than mine and I haven't reached 500 yet. I'm constantly amazed on how wide the audience is and how much of the world map is turning various shades of green. Having your own personal photographer is great too, the photos are goods xx

  5. It's turned out very well. Funny what you say about wearing blue and black together. it's always been something I have done without a qualm. But it has to be quite a dark blue.

  6. There you are, you've proven it - pinafores are indeed quite chic! (Especially with the black - I giggled at your comments because I am exactly the same with the no-no, but it looks fabulous!) Chrissie x

  7. Your pinafore looks great! Well done! And your little one is quite the photographer! Funnily enough today I am wearing a dark blue floral dress...and black tights!
    Marianne x

  8. love the dress!and love ur blig, glad u found me!xx

  9. Well that Pinafore is a great deal more than just chic dear girl, and may I say that you look rather lovely in it. Aren't you gorgeous!! I can only but dream that one day oh one day I will be able to make some clothes like that. Roll on sewing course next Monday night. I am really impressed and the blue and black work so well together. but then I am a jeans gal (with far too many pairs for sensible gal, well maybe that's the problem), anyways and I love wearing black with blue, but you have the advantage of that gorgeous black hair to compliment it even further. Tres chic Jo xoxo

  10. Congrats on having over 1000 comments now, that's so many :o I don't think I've ever checked mine *goes off to look*

    Love the pinafore, black & blue is a great combo :) Someone once told me they were a no no as well but I don't really see it. Besides, have you seen some of the really weird things out there? The last time I ventured into Topshop (god knows why because I can't afford it) I think I nearly died laughing, some really weird things.... :D

  11. Hi Jo, congrats to Jennifer, enjoy your lovely prize and well done Jo on a 1000 comments, what an achievement. Jo I adore your pinafore, would love to make one of these but sadly my sewing not yet up to this standard. You really suit this Jo and what a price - unlike you I just love blue and black as they are so dramatic together and look perfect. A great post as always Jo, well done on a fabulous job. You are amazing.
    Lots of love as always

  12. Your pinafore is adorable and it looks really nice on you!

  13. Love it! (And the placemats, and the fact that you had yo sand the table to clean it! I remember well having to sand weetabix off a highchair!)

  14. It's gorgeous. You look great in it, and you are right, it does work so well with the black. x