Friday, 27 September 2013

Stitchalong part 3

OK so I have found out I can't do a feather stitch (yet)which is why my Sunday stitchalong post is nearly a week late. I am following along with a Mary Corbet tutorial which was recommended by Chrissie who is hosting this stitchalong, but because I want to keep up the momentum of the bag I am making, I have gone for a chain stitch border and then a longer backstitch on the inside.

I have not given up hope of learning this and I will carry on practising on spare pieces. For now though, I am happily picking up the chickens on a hoop and doing a little bit here and there.

In a clothes clear out I found a beautiful babycord dress of Little M's that had a hole in so I could not pass it on to my friend so I think I will use that to make some of the bag squares. The fabric is gathered. I am guessing there is more on there than I think.


I am going for a patchwork bag (that is my kind of style!) of different threads and fabric combos. Hopefully if the colour palette is somewhere near it should be harmonious. I am off for another rummage around in the fabric drawer to see what I can find.

Jo x


  1. I think the chain stitch looks terrific, especially with the contrasting border inside, too! The feather stitch will ome when it's time - the main thing is that you are enjoying your stitching! The dress fabric is so sweet, can't wait to see what else your rummaging turns up! Chrissie x

  2. Your stitching looks great! The fabric and pattern on that wee dress is very pretty.
    Marianne x

  3. Amazing stitching Jo, I love the contrast with the border. You have done a terrific job. Its what you call a grand late entrance dear! Love the dress fabric too, can't wait to see it. xoxo

  4. It's looking great, Jo. You've really come along with your embroidery skills.

  5. The dress fabric is lovely and I can see why you saved it. It will make a very strong bag.

  6. Hi Jo I think your work is lovely - I have all these good intentions and I don't know what happens to my time - your babycord is adorable and would make such a lovely bag. The colour is so sweet, can't wait to see what you create. A fabulous post as always Jo, thanks so much, always love reading what you are doing. Have a fabulous weekend
    Lots of love as always

  7. Definitely keep practising the feather stitch but I love what you've done so far, and I know this sounds silly but both chickens actually look the same! So well done :)

  8. It's all looking gorgeous Jo, lovely neat and even stitches, and I love your colours and the double borders. I'm glad you found help from Mary Corbett - that lady does everything so well in my opinion. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on your bag with that sweet fabric.
    Joy xo

  9. I think your chickens in the hoops look amazing! I really need to begin grandmother taught me a little but unfortunately she passed before I could really learn. I can't wait to see more!!! As always, happy weekend to you!

  10. Better late than never - I missed it altogether last week so hoping to catch up this Sunday!
    Your stitching looks lovely and I do love that pretty cord fabric too.
    Happy weekend

  11. I didn't manage to get to it last week either. Yours looks fantastic. I love th efabric on the dress x

  12. Well I think your chickens are charming, feather stitching or no, Jo :) And I love the dress material you rescued for another project, as well. Your jam funnel from the last post looks like a brilliant help to manage the wonderfully sticky business of jam jar filling! Thanks for posting!
    Gracie xx

  13. Dear Jo
    Your chickens are looking fabulous and your stitches look perfect. What a great use for the pretty fabric too. I am looking forward to seeing everything come together...
    Best wishes

  14. Hi Jo, the chickens look great. How about using a water soluble pen to draw lines or dots to master the feather stitch. The fabric you are recycling will make a great bag.
    S xx