Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hooray! Dinner Mats

I have made two dinner mats for the girls today.

They are not tremendously well colour coordinated but this was a need project not eye candy. I had a bit of Cath Kidston 'Provence Rose' left over from my kitchen curtains I made 3 years ago, some gingham from a machine patchwork duvet cover from 5 years ago, some red floral from Laura Ashley..oooh I made a waistcoat from that in the early nineties and finally some spotty fabric recycled from a summer Dress that was too small for Little M.(that is the one that irks me)

I used up some bias binding out of my sewing basket which isn't probably the ideal colour but there you are. Why is it a need project then? Because this weekend we had to sand the table to get the Spaghetti bolognese/chocolate/food stains out of the table!
Nice action Big Sis!

After they had waxed it, I decided to make mats to catch the food stains so I really don't mind what happens to them which is why I didn't agonise over the colour combos. They are 12" x 16". I have cut out two more so we can all have one.

Hope you have had either a relaxing or productive weekend. Jo x


  1. Useful and beautiful - perfect combination! Well done! Chrissie x

  2. This post made me what the stains on the table indicate. :-)

    Hoping the cute mats help. :-)

  3. Very clever. My daughter would have loved one of these at that age.

  4. Love those placemats and I really like the colours. You very clever gal!! I think our table needs a sand down, can we send it your way? Happy sunday xoxo

  5. They're really cute. I hope they also save your table. :)

  6. They're fab Jo and the green bias works too because now you've got RGB mats :) I think I made a place mat when I was in school and this reminds me that I bought spotted tea towels and turned them into placemats but I haven't seen them in months...!

    Table is looking top notch again though :)

  7. Thanks all. Glad you have called in. Jo x

  8. I love it when I "have" to make something because I need to rather than just want to!!

    Those mats are lovely, think I might give some a go for Christmas :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

    Rhi @ The Sewing Boutique x

  9. The girls' mats are gorgeous Jo - I actually like your colour combos and I think it's quite fashionable to mix and match these days anyway. Pity about the table but I'm sure hubby and girls have fixed it up beautifully! No more stains!
    Joy x

  10. Happy weekend to you too Jo!!! I love the collected look of your beautiful mats! They are happy and fun for your sweet girls! I wish I could whip something up like that!!! Have a great week!!