Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I had the best surprise ever today. A parcel. I opened it. Then thought maybe I shouldn't have. It was from Amazon. I thought my bloke had got an early Christmas present to stash under the bed but I couldn't work out how he knew I wanted it. Then...

I read the gift note. A present from my Auntie and Uncle for Christmas which I am so thrilled with.

They check in with my blog regularly and my Auntie said she had followed some of the blogs on my blog list. She obviously had been reading Fox's Lane. Go and have a look.

It is a fabulous book full of the sort of photography you can see on Kates blog and a lovely mix of craft, advice on caravan trips and holidaying with a family. It is simply wonderful. The message from Auntie and Uncle read 'We saw this and thought of you'

Thanks Jackie and Phil, great minds think alike. Jo xxxxxxxx


  1. How nice of them! I could use an aunt and uncle like yours. :) Enjoy your new book!

  2. What a great gift. I have seen this book go into print as I follow her blog. It's simply fantabulous!! Enjoy xoxo

  3. What a wonderful suprise, looks like a lovely little book.x

  4. This book is on my wish list :) what a lovely present x

  5. What lovely family! How nice of them. It does look like a great book. x

  6. What a fantastic surprise Jo and what wonderful aunt and uncle to be so thoughtful and kind! Enjoy it!
    Joy xo

  7. Ooh, lucky you - what a lovely & thoughtful gift :-)
    Enjoy it!

  8. Well that's the kind of gift to put a smile on your face! You have lovely relatives! Chrissie x

  9. Oh how lovely Jo, I have been humming and arring about this book as I buy so many and feel guilty. I am thinking of it - what do you think? A great post as always -it is always lovely to get a surprise gift.
    Lots of love as always