Thursday, 20 June 2013


Yikes! I am sort of excited and anxious as I am working on my first ever commission pieces. Actually ordered, paid for and needed for a specific date in a particular colour to a lacy pattern.

They are two little lacy shrugs for bridesmaids in, wait for it... 4 weeks time. They are wearing ivory dresses with the pink sash. I know, I know, but I did the back of one in an evening so I am feeling a bit more like I could finish them in time without making my shoulder drop off.
As with crocheting blankets, the border makes all the difference.
I expect some blocking would be good here too.

The pattern is by Kathryn Driffield on ravelry here. The border that drew us in to choose this pattern was unfortunately not able to be reproduced in her pattern details as it was from a book which was a little disappointing. I did not know until I got to the edging section - so there is a lesson in reading through the whole pattern before you start.
Never-the-less the scallop edge I have designed myself finishes it off well. I also tapered the sleeves to make it less baggy. It is going for a fitting tonight and then we can see if I can add the scallop to the sleeves or not depending on the length.
One down, one more to go...Jo xx


  1. So cute the jackets looks and congratulations on your first commission! Waiting to see the end result n dun fget to get a good shot of it :)

  2. These will be gorgeous Jo and well done you. A few years ago my daughter-in-law's Mum was getting remarried and they asked me to knit the shrugs for the bridesmaids -I must admit I was daunted by the fact that they had to be right and I had to work to a strict deadline - at the last minute they also asked me to make two little bags to go with the shrugs - nightmare, but I made them in time and they were so pleased and looked good on them. I knew that I had a few little blips but only I knew where they were and everyone said they were perfect as yours are. Very well done - here's to many more commissions.
    Lots of love

  3. Congratulations Jo and very well done - this is very pretty and the border that you 'as-libbed' is very elegant indeed! I hope the fitting goes well so there won't be any last minute probs. I love the yarn and colour too! You are charging ahead in leaps and bounds!
    Joy x

  4. Lucky bridesmaids! Truly a labor of love. :-)

  5. Wow, what an honour my dear! Well, I think it is looking absolutely beautiful. The colour and pattern is great and I have everything crossed that the fitting goes well as we all know just how much can go wrong with size. You have done a wonderful job. xo

  6. Hi, getting a commission is fantastic. The cardi is beautiful and such a lovely colour. Well done.

    S xx

  7. Wow, that's an honour indeed! How lovely to be making handmade items for people to wear to a wedding - it will add colour and individuality to the outfits. Gorgeous shade too. x

  8. Just lovey and I can imagine these will look so pretty with the bridesmaid dresses.
    M x