Saturday, 8 June 2013

Vintage Tunic

I bought a 1967 pattern in a second-hand shop on holiday. I wanted to make and wear the dress as a tunic over my jeans.

There were a few pieces missing (always check when you buy them) The neck facing and the sleeve pieces were missing but I wanted to make the sleeveless one to wear with my cappuccino cardigan. I knew I had material to use at home. I have since found out that a UK size 16 from 1967 is way smaller than a size 16 now.

It is too tight across the hips to do anything else other than stand still in the garden!

The whole set would have looked great but alas too small. Never mind, I have since been informed by my mum that the fabric is good quality curtain lining so the 'experiment' is not a costly trial. I think I could fit the bust better too, that or wear a better bra maybe?!

I enjoyed the top stitching on the seams and I used a great textured bias binding to do the neck as I didn't have neck facings which looked good too.

The zip went in well and I learnt a great deal about my new sewing machine and the tricky business of making an item of clothing actually fit. I will definitely have another go with some seam increases using a dress quality fabric. You live and learn! Jo x



  1. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you Jo, but as you say, we live and learn; I've certainly learned a lot in similar ways! Blooming patterns!
    I do think it's admirable of you, the way you don't mind showing things that haven't gone as well as planned: this can also be encouraging for other folks looking in - if at first we don't succeed, try, try, try again! Well done Jo - your next one will be just as you want it!
    Joy x

  2. it's lovely, well impressed you could make this!

  3. Hi Jo I am on a sewing weekend in Chester and the lovely tutor, Sue was talking about the differences in sizes between old patterns and current ones, it is amazing! I didn't get your message about classes Jo, hope we can be in touch soon
    Lots of love

  4. I think it still looks great and well done to you!
    M x

  5. It looks very well made such a shame you don't feel comfortable in it. Hope to see the next one you make and you being happy with it Julie x

  6. Well, it looks great--maybe you could just wear it when you need to stand still? Cocktail parties? Lean against the door looking chic. Half-closed eyes, for a mysterious air. :) Don't abandon the pattern, either--just add 1/4" seam next time around.

    1. I knew you would see the funny side of it... I am going to have a go again when I muster some more sewing strength. x

  7. That's a shame but good practice if nothing else :) I've thought about buying second hand patterns but I wasn't sure if pieces would be missing so I might avoid now and stick to getting them in sales!

  8. I like Kristen's ideas :-) xx, Gracie