Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Crochet class is back

Today the next 5 week course of crochet classes kicked off. I have returning enthusiasts and two newbies. The returning ladies had masses of show and tell to share and here are a few items they brought along.

A jug cover, jam jar cover and a dinky little dog bag which the dog carries on it's harness containing poo bags!
There was much more unveiled out of craft bags; baby hats, scarves and patterns people wanted to try. My oh My they are a keen bunch.
I am playing catch up from our holidays somewhat what with everyone needing food in the cupboards and clean knickers in the house so my makes have continued to be my colourful hexagons which I have made with snippets of time in the garden in the sunshine.
Love Tuesdays. Jo xx


  1. Jo the covers are just so cute, just love them, thank you
    Lots of love

  2. Crochet class - how fun! Love those hexi's!

  3. Well your ladies are doing so well Jo - you must give yourself a pat on the back for feeding their enthusiasm and setting them off on the right track - I would do it for you but can't q u i t e reach from here!
    Those hexes are coming along a treat and lovely to 'keep your hand in' whilst catching up on everything.
    Joy x

  4. They are putting their new knowledge to great use, Jo! Exciting!!! xx, Gracie