Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Blog inspiration

Today I have 3 hours to myself... I know how amazing! I have done all my work plans for this week and I have nothing more to do than enjoy myself. So I caught up with some blogs and had a good old snoop around.

I visited the blog of Emma Varnam and saw a fantastic make that I just had to do - right away, not just because I liked the look of it but while packing my work bag for this afternoon I found that my lanyard had broken and I shoved the clip end into my sewing box for something and found a working one that was red.

I thought mmm that isn't going to go with all of my work clothes so I made this.


Crochet beaded lanyard, I am still kind of stuck with the red card case but I can change that next time I am in the office. 45 mins from seeing it, commenting on it and then making it. Prefect.
Jo xx


  1. 45 minutes from start to finish - that is fantastic and it looks so good! I also wear a security badge so I may need to take a look at this pattern. Thank you!

  2. I had lots of lovely comments today about it so give it a go. I managed to beg a navy blue card surround to go on the end - now I can wear all of my work clothes with it, not just the red ones. Jo x

  3. That is just soo cute Jo, would love to make one myself. A really good idea for a quick gift for Christmas. Just love your blog Jo
    Lots of love

  4. Brilliant! I am so thrilled with that! Thank you so much for blogging about it. You are a star!

  5. Well done Jo, you are so innovative! And I like your little cardigan - that's cute too!
    Weekend nearly here - enjoy it - as well as the rest of the 'working' week!
    Joy x

  6. What a wonderful idea... blogland is truly an inspirational place x

  7. What a great idea. I like the way you've individualised your work badge. Blogs are such a great source of inspiration and ideas. x

  8. Very sweet, and a lot more of a personal look that the usual kind :)

  9. Pretty, Practical, Perfect! Thanks for posting, Jo :-)
    xx, Gracie

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