Friday, 21 June 2013

Trouser crochet

Here is a little upcycled project I made this yesterday. Big sis had lovely pink linen trousers that were too big for her last year and this year they were a little short so I added a crochet edge using chains. I added a few bows, just because I saw them in my sewing basket and hey presto summer trousers.


I had to make an even row of running stitch along the trousers before I started to give me a foundation row. Do you know, I would do it to my own trousers! Jo x


  1. What a fantastic idea! I will definitely give that a go with my little girl's trousers - the bows really finish the look perfectly - and I agree, wish I could do the same to my trousers! Chrissie x

  2. Fab idea Jo, well done, very Cath Kidston, only nicer! Great post
    Thank you
    Lots of love

  3. What a good idea and it could be used to edge cotton blankets and table cloths. That's another idea on my list!

  4. Another great idea beautifully accomplished, Jo - I bet Big Sis loves her new look pants - and maybe Little Sis wants some too? Oh yes!
    On the same subject - I've just bought a great book on crocheted trims and borders and will share about it in my next post.
    Have a hap-hap-happy weekend!
    Joy x

  5. What a lovely way to embellish some trousers, and also an excellent idea to add some length! x

  6. Such a neat idea..I have been meaning to add crochet edges to jeans and trousers but somehow not done it. Now would be the time to finally stop thinking and start doing :) Loved the neat finish and the added bow too!!

  7. Thanks all. What else would it be good for? Any ideas? Sleeves, lapels, collars, pillow case edges... oh the time! Jo x

  8. Cute way to add length! They look very sweet :)