Monday, 17 June 2013

My Little Rabbits

The girls love a bit of crafting so we had a go at hand sewing these little felt rabbits over the weekend.

Little M wanted to do it 'all on mine own' so I just let her get on with it and somehow, I don't know how, she could just sew! She didn't do that thing I remember doing where you get loops over the edges because you have gone in from the wrong direction. The only problem for her (and me) was that she forgot to keep hold of the needle next to the thread so I had to keep threading the needle over and over again.

Big Sis was fine as she has been to 'stitches' club at school and was enjoying the feeling of knowing what to do. We stuffed it and hey ho ... two little rabbits.
Girl power! Jo x


  1. What a lovely way to spend time with your precious girls - your sewing brought back lots of memories especially threading needles over and over again. My girls are so grown up now but still very precious x

  2. How cute is that Jo, well done to the girls, what a fabulous little bunny, wish I had one. Lovely post as always Jo, thank you.
    Lots of love

  3. Well done to your lovely girls! These are so cute.
    M x

  4. So cute, your girls are so clever and cute ... Sarah x

  5. Hi Jo. Your blog is lovely and the little felt bunnies are so cute. I also have the same problem here with mine wanting to do it all by themselves, got to love it! They are gorgeous girls! Thanks for stopping over at mine and for your input on my spelling (yikes!). I think this happens often, one because of sausage fingers and two because English is my second language and I am still learning every day. I look forward to spending some more time here. Hannapat xo

    1. Thanks for subscribing and thank you for reading about the spelling, I was not sure whether to say anything or not in case you thought I was being rude. Welcome along. Jo x

  6. What a lovely thing to do with your girls Jo, and well done girls! Little M has that 'little miss independent' look about her - and it's to be greatly admired! Well done Mum for your enduring fortitude - lovely results!
    Joy x

  7. My grand girls are near the age of your girls, and I bet they would love to try this project. When I get home in a few weeks I hope I remember to scroll back to this post and show it to them and then perhaps we can try to make some bunnies, too! Thanks for posting, Jo :-)
    xx, Gracie