Monday, 24 June 2013

The Severn Sisters over the Severn

Today we made people clap and cheer. On Sunday I danced on The Ironbridge which spans the river Severn with The Severn Sisters, the tribal belly dance group to which I belong. It was wet and showery and we are still smiling!

There were two groups of Morris men and women and it was all supposed to be a celebration of Summer but it was a bit cold for having your navel jiggling about.

Good one of my crochet scarf belt. I crocheted the bra top too but like to have another layer underneath - I needed one today.

Check out the lovely skirts
We are dancing to live music by a talented clarinet player and a lady who keeps a great beat on a hand drum. We finished to a cheer and a round of applause - then did it three more times every half an hour. I really had a great time and so did the girls watching their mummy all dressed up. What did you do this weekend?
Jo xxxxxx


  1. What fun! I have done belly dancing on and off for the last 10-15 years, currently in an off stage. I am not a great dancer but I have performed in public at various events and it is great fun. I would be interested to see more of your crochet costuming, I have often thought that tribal and crochet would merge quite nicely. Have you ever seen Rachel Brice dance? I love her style and coordination. I'd love to see her live.
    xXx Helen

  2. I have seen Rachel Brice Dance, she is amazing, such beautiful arms! The tribal crochet is from ravelry by crochet kitten if you want to look it up. I made the headdress too. Jo x

  3. Wow, that looks amazing!! What a fun thing to do and I am just loving the outfits too. You are looking amazing!! xoxo

  4. Wow Jo, such fun and what a great way to keep fit too! You're looking great!
    I love all your 'gear' (outfit) and am very impressed at your wide array of crochet undertakings - you really are so innovative. Congratulations!
    It's a pity you were rained on but it doesn't seem to have spoiled the fun.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Love, Joy xx

  5. Jo how fabulous you look, well done - your family must be so proud of you. I love your outfits and wish I could have been there - Ironbridge is one of my favourite places - we visit often and love to pop into Blists Hill. You are a lady of many talents Jo, love your blog as you have so much energy and creativity of all kinds.
    Thanks for sharing this with us, it was fun.
    Lots of love

  6. Wow! That looks like great fun! I love the crochet things you're wearing <3 I can't wait to visit Ironbridge again this summer too :) xoxo

  7. That looks so much fun! You look fab!
    M x

  8. Thanks for all your compliments. Dressing up is the best part of it - with tribal outfits, the key is just keep adding more. Jo x

  9. Good to see such a good turnout of kagools and brollies, you all look to be having great fun.

    S xx

  10. Very cool (in more ways than one). I have a good friend who dances, as well - we will see her perform this Friday. So excited! Keep up the good work!