Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hooray! spotty curtains

It all went a bit pear shaped this week:

1) Big Sis was poorly but is better now
2) Crochet lessons on Tuesday morning and night
3) Parents evening on Wednesday night
4) OFSTED inspected my teaching at school on Thursday
5) Commission cardigans need to be finished - deadline looming
6) We need food shopping - I have ran out of Pasta combinations!
7) I made dotty curtains for the trailer tent

So sorry I went a bit dotty this week. My plates were spinning but them some wobbled off!

Apparently I am good at teaching (with features of outstanding) according to a man in a beard I smiled and smiled at all morning on Thursday while teaching Science to Year 3,4,5,6. So that is nice. I sort of know I am good at teaching because I enjoy it and that is why I do it! but there you are, we all have to have our boxes ticked.

Annnyhooo, more pressing issues - curtains... What do you think?

They really cheer up the brown and orange vibe that is going on in the trailer tent and because they are a dark colour they keep out the light later on too so the little ones slept well.

I took quite a bit of stuff for a one night sleepover but I was 'stocking' the tent with some essentials so that we can just throw in pyjamas and food next time. A few essential things made it feel less of a hassle.

The little ones picked some flowers and we cooked steak sandwiches. A lot of testing went on this weekend - does the gas work, how much space is there, how does the water work, will it be hot or cold?  
I can't believe some spotty curtains can change my mood about the whole camping experience.
The girls were filthy but having a great time. I knew taking them camping before they could actually help out would have been a mistake. They were so helpful and excited to join in now that they are older.
After tea we went to hear the buzz of insects down at the pond and catch up with the tadpoles. Lots had grown legs and this fascinated Little M.
It is so lush at the bottom of the field.
A steep walk back up the hill and time to light a little fire for the finale - marshmallows.
Yes, we are lying rather majestically on some old 1980's curtains that were in the box seats in the trailer tent from the last owners - I was going to throw them away but that seemed a good way to use them until they finally bite the dust.
Story time outside tonight.
A lovely little adventure for us all, I wished I had brought the radio to listen to Glastonbury but I settled on some knitting and Bloke did the Sudoko in the newspaper. We don't need much to make us happy - Just spotty curtains!!
Hope you all had a good time in the nice weather. Jo X


  1. Hurrah for spotty curtains!
    What a busy and fulfilling week Jo - well done on having your boxes ticked! So lovely to have happy adventures with your little family - I wish you many more exciting times!
    Joy xx

  2. What is the magic power of spotty fabrics? You are so right - they cheered the trailer decor, and I agree they can really cheer one's mood! Well done on surviving your hectic week and ending it with a lovely-looking getaway! Chrissie x

  3. You trailer tent looks very cosy and the curtains certainly brighten things up, don't they? Looks like you had a lovely time and you're all set for the summer hols now :-)
    Louise x

  4. Those curtains changed my mood too! Very nice post. :-)

  5. What a great weekend! The spotty curtains look really great.
    M x

  6. What a lovely way to spend some family time, and I love the spotty curtains!

  7. The curtains are adorable! It looks like you've had a very nice time. And good for you with the teaching; I used to be a teacher and I know it's not an easy job at all.

  8. I loved camping with the children when they were small but I didn't have such amazing dotty curtains they would have made everything extra specially good xxx

  9. What a lovely night away for you and I so get why curtains would make such a difference, I know it would alter my mood no end, especially ones as cute as those. Well done on the curtains and the OFSTED! I jut love camping and it looked like you had the perfect spot for it all. xo

  10. Hi Jo what a fabulous post, you are soo busy but always pack so much into your life. I love the colour red and love spots too so your curtains are just perfect for me. You are so right Jo, children love the thrill of being involved in life and your little ones already have such a wealth of fantastic memories for life. Thank you for sharing your wonderful special moments with us.
    Lots of love

  11. Hi Jo just come across your lovely blog! How lucky you are to have a trailer tent your spotty curtains are perfect! :-)