Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hooray! hot-potch tunic

Last Friday I spent the morning being a super domestic goddess and tidied the whole house, top to bottom and with three stories and nine rooms - that was some epic tidying - then I went to work in the afternoon. By evening dinner time the place was a tip again. Kitchen chaos from our meal, the girls prams and dollies, pencils, pens, paper, emptied school bags with after school play etc. Now, I am not a killjoy, they had a lovely time playing after school and we all live here but I thought there must be a better way to spend my Friday morning.

So this Friday Little M and I got out the sewing machine, I helped her make a little drawstring bag so that she could put her baby clothes in it and then she largely left me alone only coming to tell me when she needed a snack and to shhh! because the dollies were sleeping.
I bought some green fabric (my favourite) on holiday with nothing in particular in mind.

So I made this hotch-potch tunic from my favourite book Sew Serendipity. It has the patterns included.

I am over the moon with it because it fits!!!

I should have worn something smoother than belted jeans under it but I was so excited I popped it on and grabbed the camera.

Then I went to work, came home and made a lovely dinner and bloke helped me clean up after just the once while watching the girls collect bugs in the garden proceeded by picking up the days stuff, just the once.
Oh! it felt so much better. Then I put my tunic back on and settled down to an evening with bloke constantly saying to him "I like my new top" 
Sometimes you just have think sideways. Jo x


  1. love your tunic - I would spend all evening saying do you like my new top x

  2. Gorgeous tunic - the colours and prints are fab! And a much, much better way to spend Friday morning - you won't even see any untidy toys and things around you because you'll keep gazing at your lovely new tunic! Chrissie x

  3. Wow Jo! That looks really great :) I love all the different fabrics you've put together. You always have a great eye for what works.

  4. Lovely top. I had a sewing lesson today and finished my first ever garment... Very exciting.

  5. Well done Jo - and I'm so happy you're happy with it! Such a lovely sweet print - AND it's green of course!!
    Very difficult to have a tidy house whilst the girls are young, and before you know it time will have flown and you'll be wishing there was a bit of messiness around the place again! Been there - done that! In any case, a little bit of mess makes the home more homely, don't you think?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Joy xx

  6. Oh your tunic is really really lovely! Well done, it looks great on you too.
    M x

  7. Jo I just love your top, you are so clever and I greatly admire your energy. A great post always
    Lots of love

  8. Just imagine what your house would have been like without the mammoth tidy up though - eventually things do start to go missing! Love the fact that you and your daughter have had some sewing time and as for that top - yes I like it as well! Jane x

  9. Loving the tunic (in my favourite colour too) :) xx