Saturday, 15 June 2013

Blooming marvellous

I don't plan my garden borders I simply like to keep it full so that the weeds don't get a chance take hold.

The peony is just fab today. It is such a shame the flowers don't last long but I have to say that up until yesterday without rain and wind it has shown a bit more longevity than normal.

I has turned out really well this year with different shades of red and burgundy.

I have really enjoyed eating my breakfast and looking out onto this part of the lush garden this past week. Jo x


  1. Jo your garden is just gorgeous and the peony looks like silk. Jo your posts are a joy, always positive and uplifting. Thank you
    Lots of love

  2. Thanks. It is looking particularly good at the moment. Hope you are fine. Jo x

  3. Such a pretty garden Jo, and the peony is beautiful! I do hope the weather allows you to enjoy it for a bit longer yet.
    Joy x

  4. I did not know peonies can be red! Beautiful! We have had several shades of pink. I have had the worst time getting my gardens to look full except with some sort of buttercuppy weedish plant that tries to take over the sometimes I let it take over the garden simply because it is green with a little bit of yellow blossom here and there :-) At any rate, thanks for letting me admire your beautiful blooms, Jo. Soothing...ah yes....soothing~~~~

  5. I'm with you. I don't plan my borders either just keep them full of plants to keep the weeds at bay. Your garden looks wonderful x

  6. I love peonies too they are a bit of a luxury in the garden when they flower for such a short period but I can't resist them. The colours in your garden are lovely and a great sight first thing in the morning.
    Sarah x