Wednesday, 5 June 2013


June is a busy month in our house for birthdays so today I had a little catch up on making birthday cards to send to Aunties and friends in the post between work jobs.

A little bit of making creeping into my busy day. Blah! work now... Jo x


  1. Very nice indeed Jo - gosh you can turn your hand to anything methinks!
    Joy x

  2. Lovely cards - hope you get time to enjoy the sunshine as your life sounds hectic xxx

  3. These are so lovely Jo, will be treasured I am sure. I forgot to ask you in the last post when and where you do your crochet classes, would love to join.
    Lots of love
    :-) xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Dorothy, We would love to see you. I have sent you a gmail message. Comment again if you don't get the message. Jo x

  4. I went out and bought a card for my 50 yr old niece the other day and got home with out it!!! How? At any rate I got busy and tried to duplicate the idea behind the card and got it done just before the celebration. Whew! How clever of you to make yours beautifully in the first place :-) xx, Gracie