Thursday, 6 June 2013

Little bits of lovely

I have been working on a little project for our local craft show to put in the knitting class. Just to tantalize you here are lovely little bits of it...


Can you guess what it is? I am finding it really difficult to stay knitting as I would rather make flowers and leaves with crochet but it is a knitting class and it has to be knitting throughout otherwise I can't enter it. Keep calm and carry on knitting.

Jo x



  1. Is it a tea cosy? lovely yarn Julie x

  2. Well the little knob thing does suggest a teapot but I'm not sure about the odd little pockets at the top - are you going to stuff them to make some sort of decoration? Or are they bunny ear warmers?? Jane x

  3. Well Jo you've got me baffled - first pic I thought you might be doing a few little mice!!! Then when I saw the others I thought - maybe some other sort of little creature with four (strange) legs and two (funny) ears, plus a green eye - this is unfair Jo - come on - out with it!
    I am not feeling 'calm' now!
    All the best with it anyway, and don't keep us on tenterhooks for too long PLEASE!
    Joy xx

  4. Didn't you just give it away? Looks like a tea cosy and you are knitting leaves and flowers, so a floral tea cosy perhaps??
    xXx Helen

  5. Looks like it's going to be a lovely tea cosy, I like the look of the knitted leaves in the top picture ( I think they are leaf like?)
    You are so organised with your crochet classes, I am yet to stop procrastinating and just get on with them! I think I am uncomfortable with charging money for lessons, but I think this does give them a bit more respect(if you know what I mean) I need to value my time for others to value what I teach them, anyway, I'm sure I will sort it out eventually!
    Have a great week, Julie x

  6. Hi Jo I think it is a tea cosy too, can't wait to see it
    Lots of love

  7. Well, I'm impressed! And I know what you knit because I am reading through your posts I've missed from last to first, Jo :-) xxGracie