Thursday, 13 June 2013

Yes! a tea cosy

Wanted to show some more bits of ... yes you guessed it, a decorated tea cosy. I don't like the knitted flowers as much as crochet ones. The pink one might not even make it to the final audition and the purple one is so chunky I am not sure how to attach it without it looking silly...Mmmm! bit more creative thought needed here.
One flower is taking me an evening to make, where as I can normally knock out a handful of crocheted flowers and leaves in my evening craft slot.

Any good signposts for knitted flowers rather than crochet ones out there folks? Seen one on ladybird diaries today which might help.


  1. Hi Jo I just love the pink flower, will keep my eye out for a pattern for you. Can't wait to see the completed cosy Jo. Great post as always, thank you so much.
    Lots of love

  2. The flowers you have made are lovely! Love the purple one, especially. I think I agree though, crochet flowers are easier and you can do more with them I think if tat makes sense!
    M x

  3. To my shame I did not realize one can knit flowers, and I have not as yet tried to crochet any so I am no help to you, Jo :-) but I admire your efforts, and thank you for broadening my knowledge!
    xx, Gracie