Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Crochet with fabric

Anyone entered the world of crocheting with fabric? I really like it after making my willow basket but feel that mine looks a bit shabby.

Then I went and found a brilliant tutorial for making t-shirt yarn. Check it out here. The way he 'thumbs' the fabric to curl in the edges is really what this fabric basket is crying out for.
Look out wardrobe, more t-shirt yarn is needed for more ideas in my head. Let me know if you make some successfully. Jo xx


  1. I love these little baskets. I happened onto your site by accident - and was pleasantly surprised to find you live in Shropshire. I spent the happiest years of my childhood there, West Felton, to be precise.

  2. Adorable! Such neat and perfect stitches.

  3. Thanks for your comments. Lots of people have mentioned they are either from Shropshire or loved living here. I feel really lucky that this is my home.

  4. Love your basket! What a cool idea.
    M x

  5. I think most new endeavours take a bit of 'tweaking' Jo - well done you for consistently trying new things! I imagine working with such fabrics would be 'tricky' to say the least but you've done a lovely job! Joy x

  6. Just stopping by after returning home to see what you have been up to...and I see you have been up to good. ;-) Great basket...been wanting to try some t-shirt yarn crochet and this is a great idea!

    Oh and the skirt on the next post is fabulous! The pockets are just so fun.

  7. Ohhhh another project I want to try:-) Thanks for posting, Jo!