Monday, 6 May 2013

Hooray! a funky chair

I saw a brilliant post on Ladybird Diaries go and take a look. She is a regular friendly ladybird who always leaves lovely comments on my blog. Well, talk about inspiration...

The chair is covered with decopatch glue and tissue paper. I went and did a girls shoe shop with them today which was ever so slightly trying so I felt I had earned ten minutes in the Hobby Craft store. From memory I remembered that her blog said 8 sheets of paper. This is what I chose:

I have had this chair on my to do list for about four years but could never really summon up the enthusiasm to get out paint stripper, sandpaper and a paintbrush, especially with all those knobbly stales.
Bloke filled the holes for me, I think it was a nursing chair and someone had botched on arms and rockers to make it into a child's armchair. The wood was not original and I whipped them off years ago leaving gaping wounds. The chair sits by Big Sis's bed and I sit on it to read her a story every night.
So decopatch what is it? It requires little skill, technique or mastery but is really effective. The only thing I will say for it is it was mighty tedious going round all of the grooves but worth it in the end. The glue dries really quickly with a sheen and it doesn't have a nasty smell. The girls helped me at first in excitement which faded after about an hour. That left me time to smooth out the creases and do the fiddly bits. If you would like UK supplies try here there was lots of little projects to choose from.
Hooray! a funky chair.

I love a ditsy flower print.

I'm thrilled with it and although it took a long time it felt far more friendly than paint stripping conker brown gloss. A very big thank you lovely ladybird, I had never heard of decopatch until I read your blog post - this was real blog inspiration. Love Jo xx


  1. You've done a beautiful job on your chair Jo - what a difference between the before and after - I too was very impressed with LB's venture and now seeing yours too I'm wondering about my old rocking chair - but what a job that would be - so many lumps, bumps and grooves - but it would look so good!!!
    Very well done Jo and thank you so much!
    Joy xx

  2. Hola! La silla le ha quedado preciosa.Acabo de descubrir su blog y me gusta mucho , me quedo de seguidora. Un saludo desde España.

  3. This chair is fantastic! What a great idea for upcycling.

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely things you have said about me! I am blushing! So happy to have inspired you. Your chair looks wonderful and the papers you have chosen are just gorgeous. I also very much appreciate the lovely comments you leave on my blog.
    M x

  5. Wow! I LOVE this!! :) xx