Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Old School

My friend often roots out old patterns for me. I love the pictures and the style of language in them. I mean " You still have enough time to knit that swimsuit and bolero for your 8 year old and one for yourself too" Actually I don't but it just makes me laugh out loud.

She dropped this off for me today and I saw a little baby jacket that looked just like my cardigan.

There were patterns in it that would still be useful today with modern yarns, twists and added elements. What about this for projects on the move?
This pattern was particularly beautiful but it called for a 'Millward Disc crochet hook' and then the instructions said to hold the disc button face down in your left hand and wind around in circles. I searched the internet but can't find one. Anyone know what it might be or might look like?

The technique with this 'disc' makes the most dainty daisy flowers. I am thinking blanket, ladies wrap or pretty summer top.
Do you collect old patterns? Do you just look at them or do you actually make them up? Would love to hear from you?
Jo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. This is very interesting Jo - I don't know about the 'disc' but hope someone will be familiar with it, even if only to satisfy curiosity; the little flower pattern is beautiful.
    And isn't it amazing how that other pattern so closely resembles your cardi!
    Are you going to give the bag a go? It looks very nice and a handy shape too.
    I had lots of old patterns which I now regret giving away, but still have a few from around the 60's era. They say if you keep a thing long enough it'll come back into it's own!!! Joy xx

  2. I am a big collector of vintage knitting patterns. Some I dream of knitting up - a few I have, but, oh, the piecing and sewing together!!! - others I just read and chuckle (especially the shots of men posed with rifles in their orange turtlenecks and another of a man off to work in his business suit with a red crocheted waistcoat underneath!) I've had to ignore these shelves in the op shops now because I have far too many for my own good. xx

  3. Mostly I seem to be collecting books of patterns, but my list of want to do projects is longer than one life time can produce :-) so I enjoy admiring the work of others as well as tackling at least a few projects here and there. [I completed another row on my shawl...woohoo!]
    so much fun to see the sweater pattern like what you made :-)
    Gracie xx

  4. I just love old patterns. They don't make em like they used to! I do use old knitting patterns. My go to sock pattern is from the 1960's, and I've just knitted a pair of gloves from the same pamphlet. No doubt I will use it again too :)

  5. I know what you mean about a massive to do list there is just so much I want to make. Thanks for tuning in ladies Jo x

    1. I'm a sap for old patterns, too, though I rarely attempt them--I love all the smarmy men in their tight-fitting argyle sweaters. So good for a laugh.

      Your cardigan is beautiful! I want one just like it. :)

  6. I have that same book which I acquired from my mother when she was having a clean out. The interesting thing (and quite frustrating) is that none of the items on the cover is inside the booklet as a pattern!
    xXx Helen

  7. I had never noticed that!! You are so right which is a shame because the yellow tunic/dress thing looks promising. Jo x

  8. The flowers were probably made with a flower loom. There have been various incarnations of them over the years. The one name brand I remember is the Bloom Loom, but there are others. The ones I remember from commercials when I was a kid looked like this:

    1. Thanks so much I will check out the link. Jo x