Friday, 10 May 2013

Hooray! red dress

We worked together on her dress after school this week and it is finished and very lovely. I had to do the placket and buttons while she wasn't looking because I sort of need that to be right if you know what I mean. (sorry about the car background, the rest of the garden is a bit of a tip a the moment, I really must stop making things and get out there!)

The birdie design is by Jane Foster - really cool.

She didn't notice but don't you just love the socks!!

OK so do you think I can do this with a three year old? I doubt it but I can sort of pretend and keep her talking while I do it myself, she will never know, Shhhh! Jo xx


  1. Ohhhhhhhh! Que vestidito tan bonito ,le queda muy lindo. Un cordial saludo.

  2. Hello Jo, I've just found your lovely blog! You make gorgeous things and I look forward to seeing more. Julie x

    1. Glad you found mine so that I could take a peek at your makes too! Lovely cards Jo x

  3. Beautiful cute little dress - the type every little girl should have!

  4. It has turned out beautifully! Very pretty and your little girl wears it well and certainly looks very happy with it!
    M x

  5. Wonderful dress! Your little girl looks lovely in it xx

  6. So nice to see the finished dress Jo, and your little girl looks quite proud of it too; well done to you both!
    All the best with number two. Joy x

  7. Oh, how lovely!! You clever thing! What a little sweetheart with her socks...awww! :) xx

  8. That is an ultra-cute little dress, and she looks os happy with it :)