Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hooray! Pink cardigan

Here is the Bubble Gum Pink cardigan I had on a slow roast in the background. Now it is finished I can give my retinas a rest.

I started it here. The yarn is Sirdar calico  chosen by Little M and I used 150g. I used a 3.5 hook so I did bits at a time because the crochet hook was small to hold and made my forearm ache if I did it for a long time.

It was one of those patterns where the crochet tells you what to do rather than having to keep checking the pattern all the time and I liked it when it kept talking to me. "Mind yourself there Jo, you have done 4 trebles in a row instead of 3 because there should be that little space remember!" You know, that sort of thing that happens in my head. You too? good, then I am not cracking up.

It is too big for Little M but I am keeping it in a drawer for her until she can wear it. The pattern is by Kay Jones on Ravelry but I can't seem to find the specific link. It is called Babies cardigan (93) I bought it and it is great to follow.
Right I am off to pack bags for a UK holiday. Any ideas what I should throw in? A bikini, wellies, sunglasses and a fleece should do it... See you soon Jo x


  1. What a lovely little cardi Jo, and gorgeous colour too; I'm sure Little M will soon grow to fit it and will look a treat in it! Well done! Joy xx

  2. Your pin cardigan is so so cute. I like very much your crochet and your colour. With health to wear your new creation. Marieta ( I live very far, in Greece).

  3. A beautiful finish, Jo! Have a wonderful holiday :-)
    Gracie xx

  4. Don't forget a toboggan for the snow!! Lovely cardigan. I know what you mean about retinas. I knitted with a very bright pink recently and almost needed sunglasses.

  5. Jo really love this sweet little cardi, little M will adore wearing it. A lovely post, thank you.

  6. That is very cute. You are so good with your crochet :)

  7. Lovely cardigan :) I get arm ache with small hooks too...I'm struggling with a baby shawl on a tiny hook at the moment. It's always worth the effort in the end though! xx

  8. What a gorgeous little cardigan! Such a lovely colour too.
    M x

  9. Thanks all. I am off on holiday for a week. I have packed my knitting bag - just need some clothes now! Jo x