Friday, 3 May 2013

Quick craft fix

Had real work today. Blah! but when I got in, put our evening meal together and waited for it to cook I had a go at these paper flowers. I saw them on pintrest and was intrigued about their construction. Would they be easy and quick or hard and complicated?

Well, I can tell you they were easy-peasy, made easier by the fact that I had a circle punch but you could easily take a bit more time and cut out the circles with scissors.

The link/tutorial is here along with a few others I would like to try. I think they would be great for decorating boxes or for making cards. I also think that double sided paper in a smaller print would be more effective too but I will be making lots more of these. It took me about 20 mins - enough time to melt away the work of the day and get in touch with home crafting and family life for the weekend.

Happy crafting, whatever you are making at the moment. Jo xx


  1. That is gorgeous Jo, and having a butterfly in the middle just sets it off so nicely - of course, I loooove butterflies!
    Joy xx