Sunday, 19 May 2013

Summer wardrobe

Today is glorious and sunny. Today is the day I  have swapped over my drawers for summer clothes. They are not that much different but short sleeved t-shirts instead of long-sleeved, a nice surf print dress, a pair of shorts and some white trousers will punctuate my normal wardrobe for a few months.

I made this little summer cardigan over the winter but as I have never worn it, I thought it deserved a mention.

Bloke took the photo, hence a football in the corner! but it has three quarter length sleeves, and is made up of trebles. The motif on the back is the start of a Rowan summer top that I started in this yarn but the gauge was all wrong so I popped it on the back of here.

Is that another football?? Anyway... the yarn is Louisa Harding it has a slight silver shimmer and was easy to work with.(I used the left overs on my jar tutorial.)I think you know me well enough by now to know that I did not pay full price for it, it was in a sale.

The front is held together with a ribbon but it could have been a button. The pattern is free from Ravelry here. Mine does not have a collar because I was playing 'wool roulette' risking the amount I had to finish an item. I do that all the time - it gives my knitting and crochet projects and edgy excitement!

Hope you get some sunshine today. Jo x


  1. Lovely colour Jo - of course being the nosey type I've been admiring your garden too - your euphorbia is way ahead of mine! Jane x

  2. A very sweet and handy cardi Jo - the motif is a lovely feature - enjoy wearing it; it will be a very handy item in your summer wardrobe. Lovely job - well done! Joy x

  3. That is such a sweet cardi! I like the soft pretty summery colour; "a slight silver shimmer" sounds absolutely gorgeous :)

  4. Beautiful cardigan, I really like the motif at the back.
    M x

  5. Jo what a really pretty cardi, just love it. I never knit/crochet for myself but when I see a cardi like yours it gets me thinking........

  6. Nice sweater...and football! You are so cute. :-)