Monday, 13 May 2013

Chain flower tutorial

I made these simple flowers to help my week 1 crochet beginners go home with something in their hands even though they could only chain at that point. This post is for them to find the tutorial. They are quite sweet and really easy to do.

Make a slip knot to start.

Ch4 and slip stitch into the first ch to make a circle

Ch6 this is your first petal

Slip stitch this into the circle.

Continue to add petals by chaining 6 and slip stitching
it into the centre. You can do 5 or 6.

Finish off but pulling yarn through the last stitch and ensuring it sits between the petals.

 Here is one with 5 petals. Do as many as you like, make the petals longer and add more for a daisy effect, do one on a larger hook and layer them up. The world is your oyster. Have a go. Jo xx


  1. A lovely, easy to follow tute for your beginners Jo, as well as anyone looking for sweet decorations. The little flowers look very effective on the jug cover, nicely placed. Well done! Joy x

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, Jo. I have not tried to make any flowers even though I have been crocheting for over 40 years, but I love what you have done and want to give them a try!

  3. Get your hook out and give them a go! Jo x

  4. This looks fab! Thanks for sharing. I love to knit but I just can't crochet and it annoys me as I keep finding great patterns that require crocheting! I will definitely give it a go xxxxx