Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mother/daughter sewing

On my shopping trip on Monday in Hobbycraft I saw these in the sale and on a whim bought them. Big Sis wanted to make a dress and I was aware of how clothkits worked and indeed how much they are online so I was delighted to pick up two dresses for £20.

If you are not familiar with this company, they make a kit up in a box to make the item but the canny thing is the pattern is all marked out on the fabric so there is not the flapping with tissue paper which I would not entertain doing with a 5 year old.
As you know, I have to have two of everything girly in this house so Big Sis chose a fine needlecord and Little M simply went with purple.
Now, you may think I am crazy but my girls watch me make stuff everyday, it is part of our family life so I wanted to involve Big Sis seeing as though she was so keen to make a dress after watching The Great British Sewing Bee. We did it in tiny stages so that she did not get bored and we really enjoyed ourselves - it wasn't too stressful either which I was half expecting.
First learning curve was using dressmakers scissors ooooooh! easy does it. I trusted her to cut the main fabric at first but she could not cut to the lines so I chopped off the excess and she was happy just cutting strips and practising with the 'BIG' scissors.
Ironing the lining and drawing around the pieces for the body lining was simple enough with the pencil 'we are not normally allowed to use'!!
She was a whizz with the pins and kept asking 'what's a placket?' She read lots of the instructions and asked lots of questions.
So we are doing OK. I really didn't have enough hands to photograph her on the machine, I was being pretty vigilant for the sake of her fingers (and my own!)but you get the idea. I know this is a bit of a boring post and entirely for my own benefit but I wanted to record it to remember her first dress. Thanks for reading by self indulgent daughter story. Dress modelling coming soon, a few more after school nights on that placket I think!
Jo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hola! Unos vestidos preciosos .Que bonito , interesante y divertido para una niña participar en la creación de su propio vestido.Saludos desde España.

    1. es muy divertido con mi hija. Jo x

  2. How fabulous - she must have picked up lots of creative tips from you Jo! I admire your patience too.
    Looking forward to seeing many more double (or triple!) act projects!

  3. Fantastic and what a good price for the kits! I love sewing with my wee girl too but we haven't tried anything as ambitious as a dress! Looking forward to seeing the dresses all finished.
    M x

  4. What wonderful training to encourage your daughter's creatiivity to flow and grow! I do like the idea of the dress kit Jo. You are obviously very patient - well done you and daughter! Joy x

  5. Very cool...My Little Bug is completely disinterested in my passion for crafts..but I hear sometimes it skips a generation, so maybe her children. :-)

    Your girls are darling!

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies. I love catching up with your makes too. Jo x

  7. Gosh, I am so impressed with your patience! Special memories have been made, so precious. xx