Tuesday, 7 May 2013

B is for Beautiful Blue Bag

I used up the rest of the dress fabric and made a matching handbag to go with this dress. I think it will look way over the top but who cares. I hate putting away little bits, they never get used up so while I was clearing the decks I just got rid of all the bits.

The bag is from a free online tutorial. If you use my pinterest link and look on the Sewing board you will find loads of lovely bags to have a go at. My wish list is endless as far as these sorts of short easy to handle sewing projects go.
I have found that if I do a bit of sewing in between the yarn work I don't get muscle aches and pains so much and the
girls love the output.

I highly recommend magnet clasps for a really professional finish they look so much better than scrappy buttonholes or industrial looking press studs. You can get them here and they came extra fast. I have used one and have nine more to go so back to pintrest to dream awhile. Jo xx


  1. Hi Jo! This bag is so pretty. I'm in the process of planning a bag to sew and I really like yours. I'm planning to use sewn-on snaps for mine, I hope that works. I'm not terribly good at zippers. I really like your blog and am a new follower. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful makes. :)


  2. Not over the top at all - it's gorgeous. Well done x Jane

  3. What a gorgeous bag! Really lovely.
    M x

  4. Love your bag and your chair- I had my first go at deco patching last week. Lovely blog just found you
    Sue x

  5. Lovely, bright, happy bag Jo - thank you for sharing your wide variety of projects with us - and I think you're very wise to 'ring the changes' when it comes to looking after the aches and pains! Joy x

  6. Great bag! I'm off to have a look at your pinterest page now :) xx

  7. It looks really lovely Jo :-) I have a new bag on my to do list - you're right there are just so many to choose from!

  8. Blooming Beautiful bag Jo - will look great with your dress!