Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sew Serendipity

Has anyone else got this brilliant book?
I am swooning over it at the moment.
I have made a 'muslin' of the skirt pattern as recommended in the book. You cut out the tissue pattern (pieces included my dears!) and make a mock up of the skirt in muslin or unwanted fabric to custom fit it for yourself. You then transfer any changes you made, to the paper pattern for further use and a perfect skirt every time! it is dull but so worth it because medium was fine on my hips but too small for the waist so I would have wasted my new Amy Butler fabric.

You can then customise the pattern as you wish, pockets, ruffles, fabric combos, applique, braids or trims - the world is your oyster but look at these two examples....
OOOh! Which skirt to do first, all one colour in green (my favourite) or a collage mix in red and burgundy?. Jo xx


  1. Definitely do green first - then a collage one - then a green collage one - then ... the possibilities are endless - ! How exciting to find a pattern you love so much that can be adapted in so many ways . Look forward to seeing your first skirt! Jane x

  2. I love the green fabric! Can't wait to see the finished article.
    M x

  3. I am going to make another green one before I cut into my tooooo lovely fabric for a little practise. I'm with you ladies, green it is! Jo x

  4. What a lovely spring-like piece to add to your wardrobe - I'm sure you'll have lots of fun making a variety of these Jo: Looking forward to seeing the 'show and tell'. Joy xx