Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Crochet creativity

Today is crochet class day, my favourite day of the week. One of my enthusiasts brought this to the class today as a gift for me.

Isn't that just genius! She learnt to chain last week (no other stitches) and was really proud of her big long string but to turn it into something beautiful is another feeling altogether.

Here it is close up, wrapped around a recycled olive oil bottle and finished with garden string. I just love it and will pop it on pintrest for others to revel in. The joy of Tuesdays is absolutely overwhelming, thanks Caroline, it is the perfect gift.

Jo xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. What a lovely idea! It must be a great feeling to receive a gift like that from someone you taught :) By the way I just saw in your profile that you are from Shropshire - me too! xx

  2. What a lovely gift to create and give - so very sweet, and so encouraging for you Jo. One very keen student!
    Enjoy your week. Joy xx