Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hooray! a party dress

I have been working on THE dress and have finished it. I knew I only had one shot at the zip because it is raw silk and it would not take kindly to being unpicked. Luckily I used my new pinking shears to cut the bodice out otherwise it would have frayed so much I would have lost a few centimetres on the waist and I can't really afford that much room on that part of my body!

Looks complicated? it was a bit. I have not put a zip in an evening dress for about 17 years. I pinned it, tacked it, pinned the lining out of the way so that I did not catch it under the machine and it was OK. I had this in mind while I did it...
That sort of helped me through it and I thought if I dance fast enough people won't be looking that closely!
Next I made a rose corsage for the waist to give it the totally 50's look. I found some jewel buttons/beads in my sewing basket that came from an old lampshade to place in the centre. This level of detail made up for the zip imperfection and balanced my karma.
The sun came out (with some strong winds) so I did a twirl in the garden for you with under five photographers and a pair
of work shoes! 


Thanks for reading and keeping me going on this interim sewing project. Jo xx


  1. I love it Jo. It is adorable!

  2. That is very pretty... well done you. I'm building up the courage to start my first dress... have found material but sadly not patterns... where did you find yours?

  3. Very pretty I would love to make clothes for myself :)

  4. Jo it's amazing!! Very brave working with silk, I won't touch it especially after seeing Michelle on the sewing bee struggle with it, but it does look so lovely :)

    I'm off to a wedding in August so I'm thinking of making my dress (although I already bought one!)... ideas ideas :)